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Jarrett Rives

Ok so I have been thinking about video games movies and how only recently have we gotten any hype or good ideas. Warcraft I think will be a good one so will Assassins Creed, but what about other video games that deserve movies. That is what we will focus on today Video Games that need movies.

#1 God of War- Most people will say but the game is good enough or better than a movie, but what about people wanting to know the story but cant play the game. It would also get people who like Greek myths to go see it as well, plus the story is so well that it would an edge of your sit movie.

#2 Fallout- This would make a great movie it would appeal to anyone who likes post Apocalyptic, plus the whole theme of the game would make an awesome movie. It would also appeal to everyone action goers, scfi fans, even people who like drama, it also has a goofy side.

#3 Mass Effect- This would give us a huge universe and plus this would give us original stories and adventures. Which means there are endless possibilities to have a movie the story could be oringial or one focused on the game storyline. This would also give us a new scfi movie to look forward to even hope for maybe.

#4 Dark Souls- Now I have never really got into this series but I heard it was good so good in fact that it has a huge following. The story has depth it would have the following plus there are fantasy buffs and medeviel buffs who I think would enjoy the movie. It would also appeal to those who like darker movies.

#5 StarCraft- WIth the annoucment of the Warcraft movie came with a lot of excitement and following to it. So I think StarCraft would also get the same maybe not as much but just enough. The Story would be exciting and the visuals would be awesome same with Mass Effect, This would bring scfi, Monster, action, war movie buffs together and form an epic movie.

So these are my five please comment what you liked and what other Video Games you would like to see turned into movie. Thank You for Reading.


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