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A lot happened in Episode 15 of The Walking Dead. Season 6 is about to come to a close next week, but this week's episode just set a grim setting for next week's inevitable confrontation with Negan. The main group of survivors leave on separate missions, and Daryl takes off in a foolhardy stride. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita chase after Daryl and all wind up captured by the Saviors, and Dwight before the end of the episode. The episode doesn't just see these survivors captured, Daryl was also shot at point-blank range by Dwight; the scene cut to black as the shot rang out so we're not able to see how badly injured Daryl is or if he is going to survive at all. Other than Daryl getting closer to a possible death scene, there was the small scene involving Maggie at the conclusion of the episode. Maggie was getting her hair cut by Enid when suddenly she feels a sharp pain in her stomach and begins to clench her stomach. Something of note from earlier in the episode. During the shower scene between Glenn and Maggie, there was a small shot of a bruise on Maggie's abdomen. That bruise may be indicative of Maggie suffering a physical injury during her escape from the Saviors whom captured Carol and herself. The damage may not have seemed apparent to Maggie at first but her fetus may have been hurt in the physical confrontations. The repercussions of that confrontation could extend into future episodes, like the season finale, to reveal that Maggie's child was critically injured in a previous episode.

That is a lot to pull from one or two scenes but there is always significance to every scene on The Walking Dead, Maggie's current condition may prove that to be true during the season finale. It's more than probable that Maggie will suffer a miscarriage but the miscarriage is the least of Maggie's worries. Sadly, it would be a huge emotional blow to both Maggie and Glenn, and if the functions of the world of The Walking Dead are consistent then the miscarriage will result in something else taking place. The fetus inside of Maggie is already living inside of her, it is a living, breathing baby-to-be; a miscarriage would result in the fetus dying, and a dead person/baby/fetus in the world of The Walking Dead has died. Thus meaning that a dead fetus inside of Maggie would turn into a zombie baby, eating its way out of Maggie; the problem with that type of reasoning is that a walker-baby inside of Maggie wouldn't have developed traits, meaning no teeth . The undead fetus would attempt to claw its way out of Maggie, causing her some serious pain until the fetus could be surgically removed, if that is even an option. This theory may be proven to be true with the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead not concluding Maggie's plot-thread until the end of the episode, wherein someone, probably Enid, finds an unconscious Maggie clutching her stomach. A visual effect could also be added to see movement from Maggie's stomach indicating something being very wrong with Maggie and her baby.

The aspect of Maggie and her unborn child dying before the end of the season finale has be to discussed as more than a probability. Maggie's character arc has grown tremendously this season, finding satisfaction with the world, and attempting to start a life post-apocalypse. There has also been multiple episodes in Season 6 that have emphasized the importance of keeping Maggie safe. Were she and her unborn child to die, it would leave a huge impact on the rest of the survivors. All their efforts to keep a member of their group alive, as well as in an effort to do something that starts the process of 'putting the world back together' turns out to be for nothing with Maggie's death. The devastating effect it would have on the audience would been more than just felt by fans. Cast and producers of The Walking Dead television series have teased that the Season 6 Finale is going to be tragic in scope, seeing Maggie's unborn child having to be ripped out of Maggie to save her life would ultimately be heart-breaking for the audience to witness, then the probability of Maggie also dying at the same time is likely. There's possibility in Maggie being taken to the Hilltop Colony for surgery and medical treatment if this situation is to arise, although it's more than likely that any situation where Maggie'll require surgery will end tragically. (Another side-note) Enid's inclusion is starting to resemble the graphic novel counterpart of The Walking Dead involving Sophia. Enid doesn't exist in the graphic novels, and Sophia has been implicitly adopted by Maggie and Glenn. Enid could be playing the role of Sophia from the graphic novel companion series, and the fact standing of Sophia having died during Season 2 out of The Walking Dead also makes her role seem reminiscent of the adopted Sophia.

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