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This Article Contains Full Review Of Episode 36! SPOILER ALERT!

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Episode 36 is absolutely fantastic and highlights how Dragon Ball Super is getting better every episode! If you are a Dragon Ball Fan and is still confused if you should start watching or not my advise would be start it now. Yes Dragon Ball is incomplete without the English but then again its not like you are going to watch it only once. This Champa arc is becoming legendary.

This episode made me feel the same way when I first started watching Dragon Ball as a kid. Even after watching this episode if you complain saying Dragon Ball Super is failing the same way GT did. You are probably retarded. This is doing everything GT failed to do. With the major thing being giving Vegeta what he deserves.

Maggeta the metal man Dragon Ball Super
Maggeta the metal man Dragon Ball Super

In short this is what happened at episode 36-

Well, basically the ‘

Vegeta vs Magetta ‘

match took up the entire episode after having the fight started in the previous episode. And I feel relived because super had taken this wrong path of making the fights shorter and like showing 2 matches in one episode which I am strictly against since that’s not really the style of Dragon Ball.

The fight was awesome, strategically and visually stunning. As we know Champa and Vados technically set up an advantageous environment for Magetta by attaching that air barrier and introducing a new rule. There were many beam attack battles like Vegeta’s galic gun vs Magetta’s magma flamethrower or something like that. With Magetta winning most of the time because the arena was highly overheated and consumed too much oxygen. The result was obviously negative for Vegeta. So, Vegeta was having a bad time keeping up with Magetta. Eventually Magetta distracts Vegeta and lands a strike on him. And the impact throws him out of the stage. We see Vegeta landed outside the arena that is by the rules he should be eliminated and Magetta the winner. But then the refree examines and finds that Vegeta actually landed one foot on a piece of the ring that was broken earlier during their encounter and declares that Vegeta is not eliminated. Vegeta feels kind of embarrassed to be saved like this and rages up to destroy the entire air barrier that was helping Magetta. Luckily that doesn’t go against the rule. So now that Magetta doesn’t have the advantage. Vegeta attacks him with a full powered Final Flash. That doesn’t beat him completely but has a very hard impact leaving Magetta dizzy. Taking the opportunity Vegeta lands a full powered punch on Magetta. However, Mageta counters it and a struggle starts. Vegeta tries his level best to push him out of the stage with the punch. But extremely durable and heavy Magetta keeps playing hard. However, Vegeta keeps trying with maximum will power shouts out saying ‘You piece of metal junk’. And Magetta loses control and is knocked out of the ring and is thus eliminated. Later on we see Magetta is crying and Whis informs that these Metal-man species is mentally very weak and can’t take insults. So when Vegeta called him a metal junk he was hurt and lost the struggle! That is we didn’t see Magetta’s full physical strength. He lost mainly because of his mental weakness now that is interesting.

Then, we see the trailer of episode 36. And a big surprise! Vegeta’s next opponent Cabe can go super saiyan! Contrary to the previously established idea that Cabe has no idea what a super saiyan is thus he can’t transform either. Oh! And Finally Vegeta goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue!!

So that’s what mainly happened.

If they keep up making this type of episodes; Dragon Ball Super is absolutely going to be a hit. And I would accept a long continuation of this series.

This Vegeta vs Magetta fight is a complete 5 star. The moves, strategically awesome moments, the aura, the visually stunning blasts and beam attack, the character expressions they did everything right in this fight. And Dragon Ball Super is doing so much justice in the right way to Vegeta. He is as good as he ever was and most importantly he won this fight like the way he should have! After a long time Vegeta uses his Galick Gun attack and Magetta throws this lava beam that looks a lot like a flamethrower. And a stunning and intense beam struggle goes on with flame and electricity all over the place. But Magetta overpowers Vegeta’s galic gun and creates this large hard rock like something while distracting Vegeta with flames. He attacks and throws Vegeta out and Vegeta was like absolutely surprised to land outside the ring. And that moment when they said he is still in. But remember guys that Vegeta lost the beam battle because he was suffering from the intense heat the entire arena had and he could barely breathe.

He still felt embarrassed that a Prince like him had to be saved like that. He becomes completely angry and you can see veins popping out of his forehead and you just know when he goes in he is going to finish Magetta. You just know that Vegeta won the match when he got that angry.

And then we have this epic moment where Vegeta decides to destroy the root of all problems. He asks the referee if only touching the touching the air barrier is a problem. And then he with a massive power blast shatters the entire barrier and these pointy glasses go all around the place. Whis protects everyone, Hit blocks one and we see Monaka sitting still stunned by the Kamehameha and none of it hit him.

I think this barrier breaking thing was absolutely badass. It was like take that Champa no fuckin barrier can hold the prince of all saiyans down. And as the barrier was broken Magetta lost the special advantage he was receiving till that point. It was because of the barriers he was able to increase the temperature that much. After that Vegeta used his Final Flash attack followed by a punch throwing Magetta out. It has been a long time since he last used Final Flash.

Then later on Whis mentioned Metal Man species can’t take insults. And Magetta was still crying because of that insult. So in other words we Magetta mainly lost due to his mental weakness he could keep fighting if Vegeta didn’t insult him!

Again I have to praise the durability of Magetta! He kept taking Vegeta’s attacks without getting hurt at all. He must have galaxy level durability. Even normal ki blasts of Vegeta could destroy planets back during Dragon Ball. So, Magetta has extreme durability. And we didn't even get to see his full potential.

Overall the fighting was so technical. It was not all about power levels. Not just like I am more powerful than you so I defeat you. This fight certainly had moments where vegeta had to go technical. For example if Vegeta didn’t break the barrier he could end up losing the match. Also it gave us the fair share of thriller. This is classic Dragon Ball. The fighting style is following that of those fight like ‘ Goku vs Master Roshi’ or ‘ Goku vs Picollo ‘.Back when strategy and techniques often times turned out to be more important than power.

This episode also taunted the mysteries behind both Monaka and Hit.

However, we then see the trailer of Dragon Ball super Episode 37 where Cabe turned Super. Now this is something to talk about since it was previously stated Cabe didn’t know anything about Super Saiyan. Since I’ll be making a separate video on this I’m calling you guys to share your opinion on this.

What do you think is up with Cabe? Is he another lying universe 6 fighter or what?

Comment your opinion down bellow.

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