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Joseph Williams Jr

This past week, like many of you have read the various reviews that pretty much attempted to destroy the artistic presentation of the film. I'm not sure what the critics and other where looking at when they see this film. But my recommendation to anyone interested in seeing this film is simply, “GO SEE IT!”

This film is a labor of love to anyone waiting to see this film for years. The film may be a fantasy tale of a man that can fly and one that dresses up as a brooding bat. But the feel of the film is so real. From the opening scene to when the world meets Superman. Watching Bruce Wayne race across the city of Metropolis to his building is scary and tense. And from there the film moves. I was captivated from the start and when the big Wonder Woman reveal happened I exploded with excitement. When I hear someone say that Zack changed things. People forget they have been changing Superman’s history for years. Every generation has gotten a new origin for him and explored his motivations. The reintroduction that impacted my childhood was John Byrne’s re-introduction. And over the years he has been through some intense changes that tried to keep him relevant and modern. However the core of who he is has never change. And that is evident throughout this film.

In the words of Perry White, this is not 1938. The glasses we wear when we see him are a very different prescription from back then. The problems of the world today are very, very different. And when we see them through his eyes, it requires a different way to handle them. The conflict between Superman and Batman is the catalyst of that change in ideals. Batman is the embodiment of all of our anger and hatred and prejudice we feel toward illegal aliens. This being represent by Superman. Sounds like a heavy subject to equate with Batman V Superman, but it is only a reflection of what is going on today in our country. Showing that though we may be different, it does not mean we are enemies. And it is foolish to judge one for the actions of others. Especially when that one has done nothing but work for the betterment of our world.

So, what do I really feel about the movie? I am glad it took this long for this movie to come out. There may have been many starts and stops in the development process which caused much speculation on whether the film with ever be released. It needed to find the right Director, the right cast, the right tone, and the right time. I am not sure why it received the reviews it has gotten this past week, but it is very clear that the view they are looking at the film was a very narrow one. This film hit all the marks it needed to make a story that was developed well and put together with great respect for the characters and the fans that have been waiting years for it. It is very evident, the critics didn’t know what they were looking for or expecting when they went to see it. All anyone is asking is not to keep your feet on the ground when you watch this film, but look to the sky and know that the imagination should know no bounds when reaching for the starts.

I give Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a five star rating.


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