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Marvel/Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse will be hitting theaters in 2 months. Right now, there's a contest going on. Enter a clip of yourself doing a mutant ability for a chance to win a screening. It all ends today!

Fox hasn't went into full throttle with their promoting. They are gearing up, since there's still some time to go. While we have been waiting, there have been so many things swirling around the film. From disagreement on the black suits to the look of Apocalypse. But the thing is, Bryan Singer has been hiding it from many. He will have what the fans have been asking for. He will have your costumes. Full of the comic colors. He will certainly cater to the fans.

Someone has even went to lengths of adding color to the recent EMPIRE collage of the X-Men battling Apocalypse and his horse men and women.

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I will admit that it had to have taken some time and work for this. But, personally it is not the X-Men I want. Nor the Apocalypse. The yellow throws me off in this time of their lives. They are facing a genocidal being, aiming to take out humanity. Besides they have already donned the famous yellow and blue suit in X-Men: First Class. No need or time for repeats.

Though I can assume fans weren't satisfied with the outfits the trailer showed. They have the right to be, but let us remember that this is the origin of Scott, Jean, Kurt, Jubilee, Ororo, Warren and Elizabeth. They will become the future X-men. Days of Future Past showed the disbandment of the X-Men in the past. This one will be the full, unbroken team of the coming future. No worries anyway, because Bryan Singer dropped this a few days ago.

We got the suits of the X-men. NightCrawler has his red and blue suit. Scott has the proper visor. QuickSilver has his grey and black suit, marked with the large "X". Beast has the trail of yellow he always had, along with the points at his shoulders. Mystique wears her famous white and black suit and Storm dons her suit with the silver cap. Jeans outfit may be similar to Scotts. She wore either green and yellow in the comics or something closer to the others. She looks fine either way to me.

You know this also means that there will be multiple battles in this movie. They might encounter the horsemen and women, without En Sabah Nur for their first battle. Later, recruiting Storm before setting off to battle one last time.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits May 27th.


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