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The CW released a new promo for Legends of Tomorrow at WonderCon. The promo, that gives us a look ahead at the second half of the season, has a lot of talking points: Jonah Hex, Giant Ray, ATOM-bots, Felicity in a wheelchair, being a few of them. But the most surprising of them all, which none of us were expecting is the HUGE Talia al Ghul reveal.

Nyssa al Ghul made her first appearance in Season 2 of Arrow and Ra's al Ghul was seen causing problems for Arrow throughout Season 3. Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, popped up in the promo and took everyone by surprise. Talia is the more famous al Ghul sister in the comics and given the fact that Warner Bros. have restricted The CW from using major characters in the Flarrowverse, we had made peace with the fact that Nyssa al Ghul was the only daughter of Ra's al Ghul we were going to see on TV. We'll probably get to see her as soon as this Thursday.

In the promo we see Ra's with a young girl saying:

"You watch this one closely, Talia. There's much you can learn from her."

It's not exactly how fans wanted to see Talia (as a little girl), but it's still better than nothing, because it confirms that Talia al Ghul indeed exists in this universe.

Check out the promo for yourselves:

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