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Taly Andino

With all the hype around Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and all the focus on whether to listed to the critics or fans regarding the movie as a while. Hugh Jackman had just another day in the life of a superhero, but instead of Wolverine, he embodied his inner Aquaman.

Not only did he save a pair of swimmers, reports also indicate that he saved his own son Oscar and daughter Ava from the dangerous rip tides as well.

Images from the scene show Jackman grabbing his son from the riptide and bringing him to safety.

It's not bad seeing your dad gracing the silver screen as one of the most bad ass superheroes in the Marvel universe, and then watching him play a real life hero.

It's not too late to add Hugh to the cast of the new Baywatch movie. I could imagine there are a lot of ladies that wouldn't mind the thought of having Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman in a movie that wearing t-shirts is just an option.

He might be ending his legendary run as the most bad ass mutant the Marvel universe has, Wolverine. As a father, the job of being a hero to your children is a never-ending duty.

His son, his daughter, and two strangers. All without concerning himself with his own safety.

We solute you!

Job well done Mr. Jackman. Job well done.


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