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Jarrett Rives

Ok now what I'm saying is what they need to do to bring back the golden age of movies. I'm bringing this to light because all the movies nowadays are remakes sequels, or comic movies now don't get me wrong I love comic movies. I have 4 ideas to how we make it better or at least change it up.

#1 Don't use the same writers, branch out look for someone that has a fresh ideas that can be some known or unknown, hell as a writer trying to get noticed its hard so if the film companies started looking at unknowns it would help so much. See this would help get new movies in to main stream plus it wouldn't be the same old ideas just revision to fit the movie.

#2 Give roles to different actors yes we have our favorites but they do not belong in every movie role. If you use the same actor over and over we as a whole will get tired of them quickly. This is why some actors just stop because companies want to bank on there fan base. Then they do one bad movie then everyone starts unfollowing them and blaming them for the movies.

#3 Enough with Biography movies those yes are fun but some of them don't need to be made those are going to get old real quick. This are just to get movies down real quick and get quick money.

#4 Don't rely on critics they don't speak for everyone if you rely on only critics then why make the movies they are supposed to be for us the viewer not some paid to give bad and good reviews. A lot of people rely on critics and if they say its bad they wont go, but the movie was good but wasn't focused on so it fails. This is what will kill the movie industry if it were to die it would be for that reason there.

This is only my opinion please do not take anything to heart I am I only speaking of how I feel. Thank you for reading please comment your thought.


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