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Call of Duty is our generation of war based video games. It is quite the pleaser with its 1st person perspective, massive multiplayer, and ranked levels, but, I think we need something new. Not, advanced warfare 2, or ghosts 2 (God... that one sucked!). I think we need a realistic war strategy call of duty for the multiplayer, where certain teams go at one another. So, basically what I mean is, you have a team that your engaged in, or your own. Depending on your level, you can create your own small army ( which I'm pretty sure they already have something like this). But, you create your own base. So, you can protect your base, be allies with other bases, and plan out attacks on other bases. Kind of like GTA 5's mob deal online, but more complex and more fun. Air strikes, helicopter raids, attacks on the ground, you name a war strategy and you can do it. When you attack the base of another army, you must collect their dog tags, and then your army levels. Then you can supply them with guns and such. It would really be awesome. People could join your army team, and be specific things, like snipers or drivers etc, which would make for good strategy. So, I guess that would be called something like, Call Of Duty: Military Team ( I really don't know), but it would certainly be awesome to have your own bases, armies, and most of all, military strategy simulation.


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