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ATTENTION READER! Spoilers of The Walking Dead Season Six and Comics will follow! If you are not caught up, proceed at your own risk!

Season six of The Walking Dead is coming to an end and may I just say..... WOW! I can't remember the last time that a show had my heart pounding every episode, guessing at every turn and over all blown away. Since the seasons return Valentine's Day weekend, huge plot points have occurred from the death of the Anderson family (I MISS YOU JESSIE!) to the discovery of two new groups (Hilltop and The Saviors) and the continuous build up to a gigantic conflict (comic spoilers). But without going over absolutely everything that has happened this season, episode 6.15 "East" has given viewers a lot to think about heading into the season finale. Here are some key cliffhangers that are bound to be addressed in the up coming finale and some clues we can gather from the finale teasers.

Daryl Shot and Captured Along with Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita

"East" ended with a huge bang so might as well address that first. Dwight has been a huge thorn in Daryl's side since his debut in episode 6.06 "Always Accountable." In fact, not only does this mark the third Dwight encounter, but also the third time he has ambushed Daryl. And with every new appearance, Daryl has paid a pretty hefty price; first losing his motorcycle and crossbow, then the death of Denise via his crossbow, and finally being shot himself. Now to add insult to injury, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita have been captured as well (as you see above).

Analysis/Prediction - Considering the argument the group had moments before their current predicament, I would assume the new priority is to neutralize their captors. However, despite having an incredibly capable foursome, I can't really imagine a scenario that allows them to accomplish this, especially with an injured Daryl. Despite being one tough S.O.B., a gunshot is still a pretty big injury. Also, with all that blood we see before the screen cuts to blacks out, it's safe to guess that it's a rather severe wound. My guess is the group will try to appeal to Dwight's better nature (if that still exists) and wait it out till an opportunity presents itself. If this means we can get some backstory on the mystery man that is Dwight in the meantime, I'll gladly welcome it.

Carol Missing & Morgan Searching

Let's hope they can talk it out better than this...
Let's hope they can talk it out better than this...

It's always a major concern when a member of the group goes missing. Whether it was Sophia back in season two, Beth in season four and five or Glenn earlier this season, you can always assume some sort of rescue party/person will risk life and limb to bring him/her home. This time around the mission is the bring back "The Queen of the Apocalypse" Carol which is a rather tall order to accomplish when you think about the lengths she took to leave undetected. With Daryl currently preoccupied with his own personal mission, does Alexandria have anyone else who could possibly find the cunning Carol? How about a man who found Rick after traveling through four different states (given he had a map and extreme amounts of luck)? I'm talking about Morgan.

Analysis/Prediction - Carol's descent into her current mind set has been shocking to say the least. While I see the merit in not wanting to compromise someone else's safety, her course of action is a bit extreme (as it's always has been). I can't think of anyone better to convince her that not killing is an acceptable course of action than Morgan. Despite their past disagreements and lack of personal bond, no one else can fully understand Carol's situation other than the man who's mantra since his return has been "All life is precious." Whether Morgan can successfully pull Carol out of her current funk or not is still to be determined. Let's just hope nothing and/or no one will stop them from returning back to Alexandria. That being said, there might be some trouble brewing in the horizon...

A Savior Survived

What is going through your mind, sir?
What is going through your mind, sir?

Carol once again proved herself to be a huge threat taking out another group of Saviors. But after successfully defending from two one-on-one attacks, Carol's thoroughness might have slipped a bit. Unbeknownst to her, one of the Saviors managed to play possum long enough for Carol to flee the scene and remain alive. Not just that but he also witnessed Morgan and Rick follow "her trail" and then emerges from the bushes to go off in an undetermined direction with Carol's rosary as a souvenir.

Analysis/Prediction - In one of the sneak peaks for the finale, we see the savior is still in possession of the rosary and is apparently on the trail of something, someone or to somewhere. Maybe he knows which way Carol went and is following her to return her rosary (and seek revenge...). Maybe he's been following Morgan since he and Rick ventured through the grasslands looking for Carol. Or maybe he's headed back to another Saviors compound to regroup and retaliate at another time. Either way you spin it, there's no good scenario for having this guy still alive. He needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Maggie In Pain


Between the killing, the shooting, the hunting and the overall darker tones of the episode, there were some lighthearted moments. Besides the budding relationship of Richonne, it seems like the relationship between Maggie and Enid has grown significantly as well. Enid's short, teen-angst filled response have become much softer and it appears that a possible mother/daughter or sister/sister bond is forming. Even the small gestures like taking Maggie's extra watch shift so she can rest or helping Maggie with a new hair cut shows how much Enid cares despite her normal stand-offish persona. But in true TWD fashion, things take a turn for the worst in a blink of an eye when Maggie doubles over in pain.

Analysis/Prediction - There's a lot to consider when it comes to pregnancy in The Walking Dead universe. One huge plus would be to have a doctor on stand by in cases like Maggie's abdominal pain. With the combination of meeting Hilltop's Dr. Carson, Hilltop having the proper medicine and equipment and the loss of Alexandria's "Dr." Denise, it's safe to assuming Maggie will be making a trip to Hilltop in the next episode. Or at the very least Rick will travel out to Hilltop to fetch the doctor for some Alexandrian house calls. It could very well be the reason why a larger group is hitting the road this time out but as stopped short by yet another Savior road block.


Oh boy...
Oh boy...

Analysis/Prediction - While he was not directly referenced in this past week's episode, on Talking Dead, Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth summed up the finale with just one word: Negan. For anyone who has been following the show, we all knew that he was bound to appear sometime in the near future. In the teaser trailer for the finale, we finally get a glimpse of the man himself, his weapon of choice and a looming threat that "a price will be paid." We all have our guesses as to which member for Alexandria will be the one to pay the price for all the trouble caused in recent events. It could be Daryl who has had three run ins with Dwight and is now being taken out of the equation. Maybe it's Carol who's Savior kill count is just shy of a dozen. Or it could possibly be Glenn who falls to Negan's bat, Lucille in the comics. There is an abundance of options and variables to consider. But one thing that is almost guaranteed is that Negan's debut will most definitely rock us to our core much like it did for all the cast members who have stated their utter shock at the finale.

There is so much that has to unfold from this season. Like I said early, this is a list of just key aspects that will more than likely be addressed in the finale. And yet there are still other storylines that will undoubtedly (or at least will hopefully) be continued in season seven. What will become of the Abraham-Sasha love connection? How will Tara react to losing another person close to her? Who the hell was that guy in battle armor (comic fans will have an idea)? And let's not forget the group still has two rounds left for their RPG (those are bound to come into play sometime in the future). The 90 minute season finale is coming up on April 3rd and it is sure to be a home run (yeah.... I said it).


What are you looking forward to the most in the finale?


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