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Batman v. Superman hit theaters this weekend and it was okay I guess. This article's first half will be spoiler free.

Alright this movie had great parts and bad parts. But lets start with bad. Don't worry i won't have spoilers right here.

So first of all, the movie lacked making you feel emotion. Like Bruce wayne's parents dying. Like we have seen that on screen like 100 times. And there was no emotion there because the whole beginning was rushed and felt like a trailer. But it gradually gets better as you go along. Lex luthor was good but not great. I mean he is the comic relief for this movie, but he just wasn't Lex Luthor. Casting Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor was a mistake. Pretty much everything he says, you hear in the trailer. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 30%. It wasn't amazing but it is not that bad. I would give it a 60% or a 3.5/5 stars. Now this is just my opinion.

Now in this movie I just watched and saw the amazing things, but after it was over, I started thinking. I usually do this with all movies. This movie was way too dark. i know it is DC but it needed a bit of a lighter tone. People are saying if you liked man of Steel then you will like this movie. That is partially true. I am a huge superman fan but i just hated man of steel. But it had a better story than man of steel.

Ok now the good parts. Fighting was amazing. Just so amazing to see the trinity and doomsday on the big screen in a live action movie. It had a good plot but it was a little bit predictable. It was just like the comics which was amazing.


Now time for the spoilers. Turn away if you don't want to know.

Okay easter eggs and everything awesome. Anybody catch man-Bat at the grave in the nightmare? Flash talking to Bruce in the nightmare was amazing. I did not like how batman and superman only fought for like 3 minutes. But superman fighting doomsday and dying was amazing. It was just like the comics and at the end him coming back. That was amazing. Sooo good with Alfred. I like the meathumans on Luthor's files. Parademons were amazing. But this movie was just rushed and so predictable. I don't like Henry cavill as superman though. And like with the emotion i felt none. I would watch the movie a couple times but the extended blu ray cut better be good. I like marvel and dc the same. But marvel is better with movies. And DC is better than marvel at tv shows.

Thats it and let me know what you thought in the comments below

-Lex Munn


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