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The reviews for Batman v. Superman have been less than stellar. Also, it's extremely difficult for the DCUniverse to dodge comparisons to the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been dominating the box office ever since Stark and Rogers put their differences aside to save the world in 2012's Avengers.

After viewing Batman v. Superman, many argue that some characters seem shoehorned into the film strictly for monetary gain and the world that DC has been hyping up for the last two years is laughable and unbelievable. I beg to differ and believe that the worlds DC has built over the years (minus Batman & Robin and Batman Forever) seem plausible and if you suspend your disbelief on a couple of things, it's easy to get lost in your imagination and think these characters and worlds are real.

Take a listen to a perfect example of how any person could mistake the DCUniverse for the real world.


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