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I am a both fan of DC and Marvel.I read different types of fictional books such as LOTR. Finally I love psychology and philosophy.
Qayyum Bokhari

They are the names we wait to see as the credits roll. They offer up the performances that stick in our minds long after the final set-up stinger has faded away.

Indeed, for certain generations, George Reeves will always be Superman. For others, Christopher Reeve is the ultimate Man of Steel. On the other hand, no one is better at being Tony Stark (and his Iron alter ego) than Robert Downey Jr., and after a few fails, Oscar-nominee Mark Ruffalo is an incredible Hulk.

Still, as times change and tastes do the same, many moviemakers (and animation directors) have decided that different stars should play certain superheroes. But who was who, you ask? Well, the infographic below provides all the information you need.

Believe it or not, Batman has been played by 15 different people, while Wolverine stands at six. Deadpool only has three, and in a unique twist, Ryan Reynolds is the only actor to play the live action version – twice. Take a minute and look it over.

If you took the voice actors out, it’s clear that very few famous people have donned the comic book costume. The Spidey list looks impressive, until you realize that all but three of those incarnations are for cartoons/animated versions only. Catwoman, on the other hand, is all live action – not a single pen and ink version named. So something like this many not be 100% complete, but it sure goes a long way of answering the fan’s questions. In fact, this is bar bet material, without a doubt.

It is my first article and please be easy on me. I am new to this stuff but I hope you like it.


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