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With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice being released it begins to question what is next for the cinematic universe. We're all ready aware that they're setting up the Justice League to defeat a villain that they cannot defeat alone.

Now we know that DCEU have a tight scheduled and they have promised movies until 2020 and some of these titles are Wonder Women, The Flash, Aquaman and so much more. But when they all receive their stand-alone films and the Justice League is created here are some other characters we would like to see in the universe.

1. Zatanna Zatara

Because the DCEU could always do with a little more magic. Zatanna is a character that's always been associated with magic and how she tries to live up to her legendary father Zatara.

This rabbit lover has a really interesting ancestry which would be cool to explore in the DCEU. Her origin isn't the most interesting of them all but I promise you her character is more interesting. I mean just imagine her doing spells on the big screen. How awesome would that be?

2. Doctor Fate

Because the DCEU can always do with even more magic. Like Zatanna, has always been associated with magic and whatnot. We've actually already seen a live action version of the character in the show Smallive which is currently finished.

Doctor Fate uses Amulet of Anubis, Cloak of Destiny and Helmet of Fate to fight chaos and he would really bring some fantasy in the universe. The lord of order has always been involved with teams like Justice Society, Justice League, and more.

3. John Constantine

This foul mouthed hellblazer has already had a live action show of his own, but unfortunately it only lasted one season as NBC cancelled the show after its first season. Which is really annoying because Matt Ryan was perfect as John Constantine.

NBC did allow other networks to pick up the show, but it didn't come very far to being renewed, but we did see him as a guest star in the CW's show Arrow.

He's famously known for being an anti superhero and his humor just makes him loved by characters. He's never actually been a member of the Justice League, but he has been a member of Justice League Dark, and there has been rumors of a Justice League Dark being in the works. It would be perfect to use him to set the League up.

4. Vixen

Vixen is an African hero who is actually a model. She uses a Tantu Totem which gives her the power to wield the powers of the animal kingdom. Like Constainte we've already seen Vixen appear as a guest star on Arrow and rumors have been flying that she'll join DC's Legend of Tomorrow second season or she'll have a show of her own.

Now the reason I'm not supporting this is because the visual effects for Vixen might be too expensive for a TV budget and there wouldn't be enough story for her to be in a show as she's only been in 486 comic book issues. Suicide Squad has already been said to be making a prequel and since she has been a member maybe it would be the right choice for her to join the sequel of Suicide Squad.

5. The A.T.O.M

Like most of the other characters on this list, The A.T.O.M is appearing in a live action show which is DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The show has its moments but I don't think Ray Palmer and most of the characters are suited for the show.

I personally feel like with them being squashed up in a team they don't really get the chance to focus on individual characters and with the short amount of time they have I'm not surprised. Also, we don't see him shrink often and again this is because of a TV budget and it can be hard trying to fit all these special effects.

The DCEU can always use one of the top scientific minds who's a physicist. Just imagine him shrinking his way through places, I mean, how cool would the visual effects look for that?

6. Green Arrow

Quick fancast: Charlie Human as Green Arrow
Quick fancast: Charlie Human as Green Arrow

I'm aware that there is already a live action show of Arrow but I'm personally no longer a fan. In the new seasons, they lost me because I feel like they focus and highlight the romance stories more than then actual stories and arcs of Green Arrow.

Green Arrow has always been one of my favorite characters from DC and this is for a number of reasons like his humor and Wit, his choice of weapon, his origin and much more but these have not always been fully shown or addressed in the show.

If he was to be in the DCEU I'm sure it could and the character has always stood alongside characters like Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman and more. Him joing the DCEU could also bring Black Canary to the universe which would be an awesome addition.

CW's Arrow is on its fourth season, I feel like the show is starting to hit its peak and with this season being the fourth this means one more year of flashbacks. So I'm going to take a wild guess and say that season five will be the last season of the show and will then make it a perfect time to bring on Green Arrow. I was actually quiet surprised when I found Green Arrow won't be in Justice League Part One or Two but after watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice I understood. I hope once the universe fully expands and extends enough allowing it to bring on Green Arrow.

7. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is a very underappreciated hero in comics. He doesn't get the love he deserves and sometimes its understandable. He's not as well known as heroes like Batman, Superman, etc., but those who are a fan know he's an awesome character and possibly one of the most powerful characters in DC comics.

He currently does appear in the live action series Supergirl. But I think the show is on its last legs as CBS has not renewed the show and it looks like it can be cancelled, which is so unfortunate because I was really starting to enjoy the show.

But if this was to happen, maybe Martian Manhunter could join the DCEU. J'onn J'onzz is so much more than just alien from Mars and his origin would be visually stunning on the big screen.

This shape-shifting, super strong Martian is underestimated for his powers. Did you know he posses something called 'Martian Vision' which allows him to see across the electromagnetic spectrum. He also has a healing factor, telepathy and so much more. He can give Superman a good fight.

So there's just so of my picks on some characters I would love to see in the DCEU once the universe has extended enough to be ready to add more characters to the universe. So let me know in the comment section below which character on this list you would like to see in the DCEU the most or just take the quick short poll.


Which character whould you like to see in the DCEU the most?


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