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Last year an independent horror anthology was born out of Kentucky called Volumes of Blood. The reception for this gore child was beyond what many indie filmmakers could ever hope for, and because of that, the team behind the first anthology is proud to announce that they have yet again conceived. A sequel aptly titled Volumes of Blood Horror Stories wants to be born, but in order for that to happen, the crew needs your help. Before we dive into the details of the Indiegogo campaign, take a look at this insane trailer.

Now on to business. Like many other indie film projects fan funding is necessary to not only make the film a reality but to make the film a quality piece of work. In order to deliver a quality horror film, the crew of Volumes of Blood Horror Stories has turned to Indiegogo in the hopes of raising $10,000 (of which they have already raised $1,457 to make it 15% funded).

Crew of Volumes of Blood Horror Stories
Crew of Volumes of Blood Horror Stories

Like all other crowd funding campaigns, this one also offers some pretty amazing perks. With donations that range from $1 to $2,500, perks range from a simple "thank you" via social media all the way to obtaining a role in the film as a victim or even the Sheriff.

BTS photo
BTS photo

What is your donation going for? There are 20 on-screen kills and effects are not cheap, and since this is an indie production, they will be practical effects. Actors have to be paid, film equipment is rather expensive and other elements like wardrobe must be paid for.

If you want to be a part of making a horror anthology sequel made by horror fans for horror fans, check out the campaign HERE.


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