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So "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has had its weekend debut, meaning that everyone who has been wanting to see it has now had an opportunity. Which brings me to writing this spoiler-filled article.

Note that this is not my spoiler review. I'll be posting that soon. No this article is about letting me vent my ideas of how "Batman v Superman" could have been fixed. A lot of you DC fans may be reading this and saying to yourself that "BvS" was awesome and that I'm wrong for thinking anything was wrong with it in the first place. To you I say that I am envy of that feeling. I love Batman and Superman, I love Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, I love the idea that DC is finally going to catch up to Marvel, but what I don't love is "BvS." Sure it had many fantastic moments in it, but unfortunately the film was a mess.

There was so much construct throughout the movie that it just became very crowded, not with characters but instead with multiple plot points. So many things were happening all at once and none of them seemed to align and because of that the movie wasn't able to obtain the structure that it needed to be loved by both critics and fans.

After the movie I was driving home and a thought hit me that would have completely fixed the problems in "BvS." What is that idea? Well I think DC and Warner Brothers should have released a Batman movie before releasing "BvS."

Let me explain, aka this is where the spoilers begin.

There was a two-year gap period between the events of "Man of Steel" and "BvS." I get why they did this; it was because they didn't want the entire movie to include a completely destroyed Metropolis. Two years gives some time for Metropolis to be built back up so the writers don't have to try and incorporate a destroyed city into the script. Unfortunately, a lot of crucial information happened during those two years, I mean that is when Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, forged his hate for Superman, played by Henry Cavill. That is also when Lex Luthor played a big role in getting Metropolis back on its feet and gaining the trust of many...

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