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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

The Joker is the most popular character in Batman comics and movies. Story about a boy, who lost his parents as a kid and decided to fight against evil, became so popular, that this topic is one of the most successful in superheroes world. However, this world withstands world villains. And among them Joker means a lot.

Tim Burton's Joker aka Jack Nicholson (1989) got pretty high ratings:

  • Rotten Tomatoes - 72%
  • IMdB - 7.6/10
  • Common Sense Media - 3/5

Today we won't accept Jack as warmly as people did in 80-90s, because we have Nolan's Joker. Not only because of the lack of effects that we have today or something like that. Jack has an amazing face expression. His eyes can tell us more than words and the way he acts... If there are 2 things we can watch forever (water and fire), then 3rd for me is how Jack changes his look (eyes).

And I don't want to say anything bad or offensive to Burton's one (Tim is my favorite movie director), but his Joker didn't give me shivers. His madness must scare and leave us in confusing thoughts. As Heath Ledger did...

In 2008 Christopher Nolan gave us "The Dark Knight" movie. Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as Joker. And this movie was one of the best superheroes movies I have ever seen. With a great director's work and amazing cast we got a masterpiece in comic industry! But our topic is- Joker. So, Heath Ledger.

As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.
What doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger!
Why so serious?

Why so serious? How can you be so serious when Joker tells about how he got those scars? Great screenplay that was perfectly played. If you have never been in love with a villain... It means that you didn't watch him as Joker. Smart, but crazy. But HIS madness was so natural and realistic, that I could hardly understand if I am watching a movie or a documentary? Heath Ledger stays most favorite Joker today. Rest In Peace, Heath. Forever in our hearts.

Very soon we will be able to see new superhe... supervillain movie "Suicide Squad" by David Ayer. And... New Joker is coming!!! Jared Leto, the one who is famous not only as a singer in 30 Seconds To Mars, but also as an actor (who already got an Oscar). By the trailer I can say that in this movie Joker is presented from his crazy side, more than in other pictures of Joker.

Oh, I'm not gonna kill you, Im just gonna hurt you. Really, really bad!

We are waiting as hell not only to see Jared in this role that is completely different from his others! The closest one, I think, was his role of John Lennon's killer - Mark David Chapman, in the "Chapter 27" movie. Crossing fingers for him and hope to see a good Joker! Stay tuned!


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