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Tyler Ourada

1. he was not on the "in memoriam" on the talking dead.

Obviously they only put characters in the "in memoriam" video, when they have died. Daryl wasn't in it this week, so that could mean he's still alive.

2. Last Words

In last week's The Walking Dead, we saw Daryl get shot, the screen turned black, and we heard a voice (most likely Dwight's voice (Dwight was the guy who shot Daryl)) say, "You'll be fine". Personally I think Dwight only shot Daryl in the shoulder, to wound him, so he could take him hostage. Possibly planning to deliver him to Negan.

3. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is going to be on The Talking Dead next week.

The fact that Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is going to be on the Talking Dead next week, hints that he could still be involved in the show.

4. Dwight is not worthy to take down Daryl Dixon!

They said it on The Talking Dead, and it's true. Usually when a main character in the show is killed off, it's by one of the main villains (such as the Governor, or Gareth). So I find it hard to believe that a powerhouse like Daryl Dixon, could be taken down by some blond punk, like Dwight. If anyone is going to kill Daryl, it would probably be Negan.

I don't think Daryl is dead, and I think next week, he's going to kick Dwight in his bony little a$$.


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