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Do you ever experience feelings of dread in your attic or basement? If so you probably need the Ghostbusters.

So way back in a time BEFORE YouTube, I was shooting little short films and video clips on my trusty Mini Dv camcorder - ON ACTUAL TAPES!!

Old Tech but it worked....
Old Tech but it worked....

So today! I'm still amazed when I upload a video and I can share it to friends within seconds, seriously gotta love the internet.

*Rant over*

Attic was shot on a zero-budget in my parents house when I was still a student and full of piss and vinegar. The short was based on my own fears of that damn attic, since the light-bulb up there never seemed to work.

Without Further ado, See the Full Shortfilm below:

So ten years later and i'm still smiling?
So ten years later and i'm still smiling?

Hope you enjoyed this early effort from me, from a time when filming wasn't part of the norm for everyone. I'm just glad I kept the footage as I'm pretty happy with what I made here.

Here's a trailer for the un-finished short film Attic was supposed to be part of, if you've got another minute :)

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