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Now, if you've seen Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, then you're sure to have an opinion on the most controversial film of the year. Many people say that the movie was too long, but there was certainly an important part of the story that was pushed into the background a little. That subplot consisted of Lex Luthor's experiences within the Kryptonian scout ship.

Yes, we saw the result of his increased knowledge of all things Krypton, but we didn't see what else he learned in that ship. By the end of the film he was raving at Batman about a call which cannot be unmade, which seemed to heavily tease the imminent arrival of Darkseid and his minions. This wasn't the first tease toward the villain, though, as we already saw two hints to Darkseid in the "Knightmare" scene.

1. The Omega Symbol

The omega symbol, long used by Darkseid in the comics to mark planets that he felt were vulnerable to his forces. To begin with, the appearance of this symbol on Earth in this dream was rather foreboding.

2. The Parademons

The Parademons, because a normal army of regular Joe aliens isn't good enough for Darkseid. They are the monstrous troops of Apokolips, where they are used by Darkseid to retain control of the planet. However, one important thing we know is that Parademons are not the only minions of Darkseid.

Now we come to Warner Bros.' newly released deleted scene, titled "Communion."

So we see this group of soldiers entering the Kryptonian scout ship, where they find Lex busily learning about the entire history of the planet. However, the most intriguing part of this scene is this shot:

What you are seeing here is an apparition of what appears to be Steppenwolf, Darkseid's most loyal minion, and leader of the military forces of Apokolips. This suggests that Darkseid and his forces have been around at least since the destruction of Krypton and that they are very much in play in this universe. Of course, the bad part is that only Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne and some version of The Flash know about it. In short, Bruce and Diana had better hurry up and form the Justice League, folks!

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