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The year is 2008 and the buzz that's going around is the new 'Iron Man' movie coming out. Now, I admit that I was skeptical at first. Iron Man was a lesser known character to the public, even though he's a prominent figure in the Marvel Comics. My suspicions were cast aside, however, on how well Robert Downey Jr. played the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. With a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, I surely wasn't the only person who enjoyed the movie. And so began the onslaught of superhero movies known as the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe'. 4 years later, we would see all of the heroes up to that point join together to fight a bigger evil. With more movies that have came out and with 'Civil War' in the very near-future, we have to pause and ask, 'Why did the 'Batman Vs Superman' failed to meet standards? What happened?'

While many issues have been voiced (e.g. Too much CGI, humorless, bleak, etc.), we fail to notice a bigger flaw. Something a director or a screenwriter shouldn't be blamed for.

The actual love and growth for the characters.

Take into consideration the following:

We have had, atleast, two marvel movies a year since 2008. We have had two Avengers movie to add to that roster where we seen all these characters join together to fight a bigger enemy. We have watched and grown with every character with each movie that passes. Regardless on the actual movie performance (Iron Man 3 and the first Captain America movie comes to mind), we as a society still watched and grew with these characters.

Do you see the flaw yet?

'Batman Vs Superman' is the first movie in the DC cinematic universe, to feature more than just one hero. Up to 'Man of Steel', we have not had any tie-ins.

We have have seen many renditions of 'Batman' ('The Dark Knight' series being both critically and finically successful) and 'Superman', (With a less than successful run) but we have yet to see anything else. Nothing to show what these characters have been doing this far. The new versions of Gotham and Metropolis. With only 'Man of Steel' as a prequel, where is the connection? How do we feel about these characters? Do we relate? It's hard to answer those with such little to go on. 'Civil War', while being a huge event in the comic book world, will likewise be huge because of how much time we have invested in each hero.

If if there had been a standalone 'Batman'film, leading up to 'BvS', I feel there would've been a different, maybe even better, response. Many would agree that Ben Affleck version of the Dark Knight was amazing. (And in my opinion, the best one since Michael Keaton. Ben Affleck, if you're reading this and I doubt you will, you were the best in the movie).

Regardless about fanboy-Dom, DC/Warner Bros. has a curse. They excel in video games, comics, tv shows, and animation movies. But they can never stick the landing with a movie. While the trailer promises more than the movie can offer, it has failed time and time again. Added to the fact that the other movies made by DC/Warner Bros. have failed critically.

With lack of content, lack of depth for each character, and little to judge these characters on, it isn't a wonder why this movie failed to meet criteria. Marvel's formula, although flawed in its own right, has worked this far and still is chugging merrily along. Warner Bros./DC need to site down and discuss everything as a whole. Things do look very grey, stoic, and bleak for them. And should they continue to use Zack Snyder, it will only become worse.

What do you think can fix this?


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