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Because DC has just started their own Movie Universe and all their movies have been Batman and Superman here are some that would shake it up. Sorry for the Run on sentence. Let's dive into it!

1: Jay Garrick!

My favorite of all the Flashes! For all the live action The Flashes they have used Barry Allen. So why not change it up, and they could still make their Barry Allen movie!Also who they cast (Teddy Sears) is old school looking enough to look amazing in a rocketeer style suit!

Look at the suit! It looks amazing! If they make the movie they should use this guy! And the same costume or a variation! Also the general public doesn't know about Jay Garrick Flash so they would look at it and be like "aw yeah, I'm into it!"

2: Harley Quin!

My favorite character of all time so it was awesome when she was in the suicide squad! So if she is liked among the audiences (and she already is) every one would go see it! It could also

3: Nightwing!

If you like batman then you'll like Nightwing! It would be a great spinoff to the Ben Affleck Batman. Also, the new batman is old enough for there to be a Nightwing!


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