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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

One of the most famed mysterious in all of comics is the true identity of the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. Batman's arch nemesis has always somehow eluded Batman in that even the world's greatest detective couldn't figure out who he really was. Given that the Joker is one of the greatest, if not the greatest villain of all time, a huge part of why fans love him is because his true origin remains unknown.

If you follow DC Comics, you will remember that a few months back in Justice League #42, Batman seized control of Metron's Mobius Chair, which granted him the ability to ask any question and have it answered. The first question was who killed his parents, which was revealed to be Joe Chill, and the second question he asks is what is the Joker's real name. Batman could not believe the name he was given and it was not revealed to the readers, but in Justice League #50, that question will be answered!

Should DC Comics Reveal The Joker's True Identity?

DC is taking a big leap of faith with this reveal. Not only will the reveal bring one of the biggest comic fan debates to rest, they have to execute it properly. The Joker has always been this mysterious figure that hovered over Batman, and it's hard for the world's greatest detective to stop him when he has no idea who he is! This will put an end to a battle that has lasted decades, and the reveal will definitely be one of the biggest panels in comic book history. They have to get the person right however, just who could the Joker be?

Could Thomas Wayne Be The Joker?

A theory that has flowed around the interweb is that Batman's father, Thomas Wayne, is in fact the Joker. I know what your probably thinking, "but Thomas Wayne is dead!" but I think it could make sense! Thomas Wayne somehow survives the alleyway shooting and, unable to cope with the loss of his wife, he goes crazy and becomes the Joker. It would be such an ironic circumstance that the main reason Bruce Wayne becomes Batman is also his enemy. I think it would make for a really awesome storyline!

Even More Popular: Is Alfred The Joker?

One of the more popular theories out there is that Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler and best friend, is secretly the Clown Prince of Crime. While I think that this is interesting, and would make for an awesome dynamic, I can't see this one happening. It would be nearly impossible for Alfred to sneak about as the Joker while in the presence of the World's Greatest Detective; or perhaps that is the beauty of it all, the answer that Batman has been looking for has been inside Wayne Manor the entire time. I would be very shocked if Alfred were the Joker, but then again, that would be pretty crazy!

Who Do You Think The Joker Is?

The Joker's true identity is a complete mystery, and I think that it will be fun to see who he is. Hopefully they completely shock us and reveal someone who makes sense and is close to Bruce. I really have no idea who to expect, so what are your thoughts?


Who do you think the Joker is?


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