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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is splitting both fans and critics alike. Some claim it to be the greatest comic book film ever due to Zack Snyder's directing talents, and others despise the film for his missteps. In any event, Snyder is in the driver's seat for Warner Bros., and he is going 100 miles per hour. However, he won't be directing every DC film — only Justice League Part One and Part Two and the solo Flash film, while other directors are being brought in for Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman.

Aquaman director James Wan was recently asked how much influence DC prodigy Snyder will have in the making of Aquaman. His answer could make you feel two ways, depending on how well you received BvS.

Zack Snyder Won't Have Much Control Over 'Aquaman'

While in LA for WonderCon, Wan had this to say to CinemaBlend about Snyder's input:

"I think the story that I would like to tell is still at the end of the day my story. And that's what's cool with Zack, is that he’s actually very respectful of that. He’s actually helping me out in some ways with certain things that he’s doing with his [films] so that I can have better groundwork with the standalone Aquaman story."

But when it comes to storytelling ability, he can be lacking. Wan its much more well equipped to tell this story of Aquaman in a compelling and thrilling way, with a little help from the fantastic visual work of Snyder. Depending on how much you liked BvS, you could be a bit disappointed, but I think that switching things up is the right move to keep ideas fresh.

Aquaman Looks Fantastic!

I never doubted Jason Momoa; I knew he would bring a new edge and badass look to Aquaman. In the brief cameo he has in BvS, I really felt like the mockery made of the character over the last few years will finally be put to rest. He will truly embody the god-like elements of Aquaman and I'm sure he and Wan will make a really riveting movie!


Are you happy about Zack Snyder's minimal input in the Aquaman movie?

(Source: CinemaBlend)


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