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With a little over a month until we finally get to see tensions between Captain America and Iron Man come to a head, Marvel fans far and wide are placing their allegiance on either side of the Civil War.

During the press tour for his latest movie I Saw The Light, Marvel alum Tom Hiddleston revealed to Yahoo! Movies where Loki's loyalties lie.

In a pretty unsurprising twist, only one team matters to the villainous adopted son of Asgard when it comes to Civil War. And that's Team Loki:

“He’s clearly on Team Loki. They were all fairly unkind to him in The Avengers, so I’m not sure he would be taking sides."

Not only would Loki be fending for himself, he would likely stand by and watch the chaos unfold. Maybe even with a nice goblet of mead in hand:

"I think he would be sitting on a rooftop somewhere enjoying the fact that the children are squabbling. Going, ‘Ah! This is entertaining.’”

Loki might be sitting out on the sidelines of Captain America: Civil War, but we'll be able to see him back in action come November 3, 2017 for Thor: Ragnarok.

'Captain America: Civil War' will be released on May 6. Check out Hiddleston's new movie 'I Saw The Light,' in theaters now.


Whose side of 'Civil War' are you on?

(Source: Yahoo! Movies)


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