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Now that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally premiered, focus now falls on the future of the rest of the DC' Expanded Universe. After B.v.S. Dawn of Justice, the next entry in the series will be Wonder Woman(2017) which will depict Wonder Woman in the era of 1914' as well as exploring Princess Diana's origins . After we see Wonder Woman's origin story, the next sequential chapter in the series will be Justice League-Part One(2017), which will take place after the events of B.v.S. Dawn of Justice.

But on the other side of the DC' Expanded Universe, Suicide Squad is set to premiere in August. There's some real intrigue from fans of the comic-book genre in what can be brought to life on the big screen when adapting a property like Suicide Squad. It isn't uncommon for villainous anti-heroes to be taking the place of titular roles in films (i.e. Marvel's Deadpool) and now Suicide Squad is the next comic-book property to be adapted into a cinematic medium.

Brief description of the premise for Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad will center around a team of super-villains brought together by the government agency Argus. Formed by Amanda Waller, in an effort to counter a greater threat than the villains on the team pose.

Promotional footage for the film has already given away a substantial amount of information, while at the same time misleading the audience on the construct of the film. Let me rephrase that. The film is centered around a team that is sent on a suicide mission, and their main goal is to fight, kill, and defeat whoever their adversaries are. But from the information released on the film, it is not clear as to who the Suicide Squad is hired to kill. The main lineup for the team is as follows; Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Rick Flagg, Diablo, Slipknot, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Killer Croc.

There are a lot of villains in the film that have only been teased, but they are in no part members of the Suicide Squad. Aside from the lineup of the Suicide Squad, there's also the inclusion of Enchantress, The Joker, Tattooed Man, Jonny Frost, Anvil in the film. Suicide Squad is going to be a film of villains and there will not be any clear-cut heroes or villains. No good and bad guys, just plain old villains fighting other villains. The footage released for the film has shown that the Suicide Squad will be fighting some monstrous entity that also controls soldiers of disturbing forms as well. The army of controlled soldiers will likely be the main job that the Suicide Squad is hired to take care of, though there will probably be more than one main antagonist in the film. There's also the matter of the Joker whose also been seen fighting Batman in the film which may lead into Batman's solo film. Suicide Squad is set to be a film full of fighting among villains for various reasons, and some highly overlooked facts of the film may have given away key plot points to why all the in-fighting amongst villains is going on.

Who is the "real" villain of Suicide Squad?

The first piece of information that gives away the reveal of one of the main antagonist of Suicide Squad is that the inclusion of Enchantress in very limited shots of promotional footage. From all the promotional shots of Enchantress (Cara Delevigne) in, there is only one image where Enchantress a.k.a. June Moone can be seen standing alongside the team. That image was shot is in front of Bell Reve Prison as a promotional image for the film; the image is not an actual screenshot from the film.

Cara Delevigne who will play Enchantress/ June Moone has been seen in multiple marketing ploys for the film, appearing to be a part of the Suicide Squad but that may not be so. The trailer for Suicide Squad has a screenshot of Rick Flag looking at the members of his taskforce in file form. And Enchantress(June Moone) is standing behind him, in a lab coat or uniform which indicates she works alongside Rick Flag, not as an inmate forced on to the team; Rick Flag leads the Suicide Squad as a moderator for the villains. There's also the matter of the screenshot of Amanda Waller briefing a committee on the assembly of the Suicide Squad, wherein a shot of all the members of the team are on the wall in front of them and June Moone(Enchantress) is not among them.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
Rick Flagg and June Moone
Rick Flagg and June Moone

Could Enchantress be the underlying antagonist of the film?

The small shot of June Moone/ Enchantress shows that June Moone hasn't become Enchantress before Rick Flag begins assembling the Suicide Squad, thus proving that Enchantress is not a member of the Suicide Squad during the film. Then that puts a question mark on her role in the film. What is Enchantress' role in Suicide Squad? June Moone has been seen working alongside Rick Flag to get the team together, but as to how she becomes Enchantress could have been revealed in a promotional shot for the film of June Moone sitting in a large volume of black water with a pentagram pointing downward at her.

The shot of June Moone sitting in this dark water with a pentagram over her definitely has to tie-in with how she becomes Enchantress. It's obvious that pentagrams are associated with dark magic and sorcery, thus meaning June Moone will use some kind of ritual to become Enchantress or she may even be put in that dark pool against her will. The image does appear to show her sitting uncomfortably in there so it's likely she's there against her own wishes. However, the result of this ritual will see June Moone become the Enchantress, one of the antagonist of the film alongside the Joker, and Tattooed Man.

The theory had already been discussed by many a fan as to the possibility of the Enchantress being the main antagonist of Suicide Squad, and that theory was put to sleep with promotional images for the film indicating that she's a part of Taskforce-X, the Suicide Squad. However, that information was misleading. Yes, the Enchantress is an antagonist of the film but not entirely on her own, the Joker's role aside, Enchantress will be partnering up alongside another villain to cause the destruction seen in promotional images for the film.

Another villain is on his way to create some wanton mayhem in Suicide Squad

All the destruction in these shots appear to leave some kind of black tar residue with a tendril like consistency. These shots are the best hints at Enchantress being the villain behind the destruction. DC' Comics history has had Enchantress in possession of abilities that allow her to manipulate earthly matter with her sorcery, along with being able to mold matter to her will, leaving the residue of her abilities on the objects she touches. Enchantress' abilities to cause this type of destruction would not be able to manifest itself in such a manner unless she had the help of another enhanced villain to aide her. That's where Enchantress becomes only one of the main antagonist of Suicide Squad. Enchantress won't be able to cause all that on her own, she'll need the help of Tattooed Man.

The villain Tattooed Man, will be played by actor/artist, Common in the upcoming film. Information on his role in the film has been scarce, and there is good reason for that. Common's role as Tattooed Man is going be one of the biggest plays of the film. DC' Comics hasn't made a spectacular past for Tattooed Man but that will change in Suicide Squad. Tattooed Man's comic-book origins have him in possession of some interesting abilities. For one, he can use the tattoos on his body and form physical extensions of them from his body. Those abilities allow him to create claws, teeth, wings, tendrils. The reason Tattooed Man's abilities are relevant in all this is because we've already seen him using his abilities in the trailer for the film. The shot was very obscure and Tattooed Man isn't easily distinguishable in the picture either.

From the image above, it takes some discernible eyesight but the image can be broken down to a few key details that prove this is the work of Common as Tattooed Man. One obvious detail is how the spiraling structure is forming around this individual, the tendrils are spreading from the skin, around the body, into a projectile form. Identical to the abilities that Tattooed Man would manifest if he were to project his tattoos from his body. The other detail is indicative in the shoulders of this individual. Underneath all the tendrils, the shoulders have a shape similar to the outline of Tattooed Man's jacket; i.e. image of Common in a jacket, pictured above. It is also appears that whoever this is, has no draping of hair around the neck or ears indicative of someone bald being under those special effects, Common. That's a bit far to go off of but the manifestation of his abilities gives away the reveal of this unidentified villain being Tattooed Man. But a factor that didn't go overlooked, is the matter of the structural integrity of Tattooed Man's manifested abilities. Tattooed Man is only capable of manifesting the shapes of the tattoos he has on his body, the color would not have cause to change when Tattooed Man uses his abilities(i.e. black tendrils and tar-like residue left in the aftermath of the destruction). Then that would reason out Tattooed Man being the one creating these black tendrils and controlled soldiers unless.

That is where Enchantress falls into place. Once June Moone becomes Enchantress, she'll be capable of using sorcery to manipulate and control worldly things, as well as people. June Moone may become the Enchantress by accident or by the intent of another, and that would result in her loyalties becoming compromised. The resulting action would lead Enchantress to enact whatever sinister plan she has in motion which is probably going to be destructive alongside other villains like the Joker, and Tattooed Man. Enchantress encountering an enhanced individual like Tattooed Man, whose abilities can manifest extensions of his own body, whereas she can only manipulate earthly properties to an extent would have the inclination to possess him using her sorcery. Having someone who can extend the reach of her abilities would make Enchantress' an even more devastating antagonist to the story.

The combination of these two individuals' set of abilities explains the nature of the unidentified antagonist of Suicide Squad. The controlled soldiers, the black tendrils, the tendril-wrapped figure in the subway, all of it will be attributed to a creation of Enchantress and Tattooed man. There's no comic-book basis for this partnership to exist, nor is there any indication that Enchantress will be taking over Tattooed Man's body to make this happen. However, the likeliness of Warner Bros. Studios and DC' Comics concocting a plan to create a world of villains that might include creating some villains that no one has seen before is definitely a possibility. The alliance between Enchantress and Tattooed Man would not constitute the acknowledgement of that alliance as a creation of a new villain, but it would set a precedent for the DC' Expanded Universe being their own, when it comes to bringing characters/teams like the Suicide Squad to life on the big screen. An original amalgamation of two well known villains would absolutely create some huge fan interest in Suicide Squad. Comic-book properties can be loyal in their cinematic adaptations, but an even more impressive development is the concept of introducing new material to these cinematic portrayals along with loyal source material for which the story is based on.

There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Suicide Squad and how the stacked list of villains in the film will fit into the whole of the plot. Not only will the film have to distinguish which villains are the protagonists and which villains are the antagonists of the film, but the aspect of Batman being thrown into the mix changes things as well. Some of the villains may be "bad" for lack of a better word, and some may be "good" but having Batman in the middle of all of them would probably incite some violent action against the Dark Knight causing some destruction as a result.(Sidenote: The screenshots of Batman on the hood of Joker's car, chasing him is likely to be the chase that results in the capture of the Joker that would start the film. Another extended reach that Batman's pursuit of the Joker could take is that of the chase being conducted by Batman after the Joker's killed Robin(Jason Todd). According to the events presented in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we know that in the DC' Expanded Universe, there's a dead Robin(Jason Todd) so it's not out of the realm of possibility for Suicide Squad to tell the events of Robin's death when they could have happened imminently before we see Batman chasing the Joker in the film.) We won't know what Suicide Squad is going to do with all the villains featured in the film until its release. We'll just have to wait until then.

Suicide Squad premieres August 5, 2016.

UPDATE: Reportedly, Suicide Squad is undergoing reshoots to add more humor to the film. It appears that David Ayer's adaptation of the Suicide Squad may be more violent and dark than the trailers have led one to believe. Suicide Squad could have already been viewed by test audiences to where the consensus was that the film didn't have enough humor, and the film was closer in tone to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice rather than a like representation to Marvel's Deadpool(2016) which premiered earlier this year. While the reshoots are underway there is also room for changes to be made to the Suicide Squad script wherein key scenes and plot threads could be altered to fit the director's vision of the film. We'll have to wait and see if these reshoots will get any promotional releases of new photos to along with our anticipation. Suicide Squad is set to premiere in August of this year but the reshoots underway may be cause for the film to be pushed back. Check back to find out more updates on Suicide Squad.


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