ByJoseph Williams Jr, writer at
Joseph Williams Jr

Tonight is the night all Superhero geeks and nerds have been waiting for, the premier of The Supergirl and The Flash Crossover episode 18 event. Ever since Supergirl premiered everyone has been wondering if there will be a meeting of the hero's. Especially since Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl have the same creators.

When they first announced Batman and Superman was going to be in the same movie, i was so hoping it was going to be called "World’s Finest!" Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. So you can imagine that when they announced the crossover episode, and said the title, I felt a little down. But that all changed when I started to see the pictures from the set and the previews and realized that this was going to be a very cool show. Like you, I cannot wait. Here’s to hoping, with the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the wave of excitement will carry on with huge ratings for the show.

Who knows, maybe the reason it’s not on CBS’S fall schedule is because they are waiting to see how this episode plays out.


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