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I love everything scifi or fantasy from superman to lord of the rings
Paddy Brown

As a kid (I'm now 45) growing up in the UK, my exposure to the comic universe was limited to Adam West and Burton Ward running round in nylon tights and Christopher Reeve doing pretty much the same (I'm not going to go into the mental scarring of Nicholas Hammonds spidey).

It wasn't until X-Men and Toby McGuires Spiderman that the majority of the UK was awakened to the possibility of endless superhero tales and adventures.

For this I thank you (although I was fortunate to have brothers who travelled the world in the merchant navy so I followed my heroes through the comics that were brought back for me)

I have since been blessed to see my idols up on the silver screen and the sight of Iron Man , Superman, Wolverine, Thor, Hawkeye & my ultimate favourite CAPTAIN AMERICA, so if a lowly limey (haha) can accept marvel and DC as a joint journey into fantasy and not an ongoing battle between each other then surely so can the Fan boys and fangirls !!!!!

Paddy Brown future Captain Britain!!


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