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If you thought the Easter Egg hunt was over, you were wrong, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) has one more for you! Even with an impressive 151-minute runtime, it is no secret that several characters were dropped from Batman v Superman. Sure Jimmy Olsen got a small cameo, but the likes of the Riddler and the Joker didn't make the final cut. Luckily for eagle eyed fanboys & girls, there are still hints to their existence littered throughout.

We all know about the Joker graffitied Robin-suit in Bruce Wayne's Batcave, hinting that a previous Robin is no longer with us. There is also a Joker card strapped to Batman's gun in the trippy knightmare sequence. But did you spot another hint of The Clown Prince of Crime?

The Batman and Superman fight is easily the highlight of a very polarizing film, and it is here that there is Joker a-plenty. In said scene there are several nods to the Joker, but blink and you'll miss them.

As the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel do battle, the letters J O E can be seen on one pillar, followed by an arrow and K R on the next. A similar JOE + KR can also be seen in the trailer next to an elusive Riddler insignia, everyone easily spotted a Riddler shaped '?' scrawled on a pillar. I guess people were too busy puzzling over the question mark to see the reference to Joe Kerr, one of the Joker's many aliases. Check it out for yourself!

Sadly there was no Jared Leto prancing around in the Joker's iconic purple suit, but we did get a glimpse of the new Suicide Squad trailer. Next time it is Batman's turn to cameo, popping up during the Suicide Squad film when it is released later this year.

What other Easter Eggs did you spot in 'BvS'? Sound off below


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