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If the first season of hit webseries Red vs. Blue wasn't already the perfect start to changing the way we look at comedy, season two takes it a step further.

With the addition of a few new characters, including a medic that ends up being called Doc and the scary yet amusing virus, O'Malley, everything is brought up a notch.

While the Reds are still fighting the Blues, there are also amazingly funny moments of internal conflict, taking us to new locations, such as Caboose's mind, with memorable scenes of his mental image of the fellow soldiers.

There's also a whole lot of Mexican this time. Between Lopez, his relationship with Sheila, the Tank, it does actually have all the elements of your favorite telenovela... Including a Mexican stand-off and a serenade!

The main thing about this season is that everything feels comfortably smarter. While last season, being it's first, there was a lot of uncharted territory being discovered and with a few moments of trial and error. This time around, all the risks paid off, allowing creators to actually exploit everything part of their environment and the characters they've created, never forgetting the memorable one-liners.

While ending on a cliffhanger, this second volume of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, originally released in 2004, is still has funny as you'd expect it was, the same way it was hilarious twelve years ago.


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