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The reviews of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) are in and they have been mixed. The reviews range from "the worst superhero" movie ever to the best superhero movie ever. After seeing the movie Friday, I left thinking that the movie was good. It wasn't a great movie, but to say it was the worst is an exaggeration. One of the saving graces of the movie was Ben Affleck and his portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Ben Affleck was everything that Michael Keaton and Adam West was and had none of the flaws that other actors portraying Batman had.

Adam West:

Ain't that the truth.
Ain't that the truth.

First off, let's all take a second to acknowledge the guy who made playing Batman cool. Adam West took an overly serious character and made him fun. Sure, West was still as straight edge as he was in the comics at times, but West still managed to add some levity to a character known for being dark and brooding. The Bat Watusi is a perfect example of the silliness that ensued during the show and the movie. Since this show and movie was meant to be fun and light hearted, West's portrayal was perfect.

You were not going to see Ben Affleck punching people with sound affects coming from his hands in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). What you are going to see is a few very subtle jokes and some smiles from Bruce Wayne. This is the type of levity required from this newest DC Comics movie. Batman V Superman was meant to be serious. Because of that, there is going to be a more serious Batman than we have seen. No intentional humor or one liners, just a Batman that is all about taking out bad guys without a word and heading home to do it all again later.

Michael Keaton:

Of all the Batman movies and the people that have portrayed him, Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's adaptation of Batman hold a special place in my heart. It was my first introduction to the character. It was dark, brutal, comical, and well written. To top it off, Michael Keaton played a very convincing naïve billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and was a very cool Batman. Keaton's Batman was a great cross between what Batman was like in the comic, with a hint of Adam West. Keaton had his cheesy one liners and quips in the Batman suit and still managed to maintain the scary persona.

What makes Ben Affleck better than Michael Keaton was his ability to portray a better Bruce Wayne and Batman. Bruce was not always naïve when dealing with the public or those close to him. A lot of times he was stern, aggressive, and sometimes a bit of a jerk when dealing with people. His interaction with Alfred in Dawn of Justice is a perfect example. Alfred has always been the one person that can question anything Bruce Wayne does and it showed in the movie. They argued and they butted heads, but in the end Alfred will always help Bruce out.

Val Kilmer and George Clooney:

The infamous Bat-Nipples.
The infamous Bat-Nipples.

The only way to judge Val Kilmer and George Clooney completely is to say that Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were marketed wrong. Had these movies been promoted as comedies, I don't think it would get the bad reviews that it does. Both movies, while over the top at times, were actually pretty funny. Because Batman movies are usually serious and dark, people absolutely hated both movies. George Clooney may be one of the greatest actors of all time, but Bruce Wayne and Batman are not roles he should have played.

There really isn't any comparison between Ben Affleck's Batman in Dawn of Justice and the actors in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Val Kilmer and George Clooney will go down as two of the worst actors to ever wear the costume. I may have enjoyed them for what they were, but neither of them were good representations of the Dark Knight. Also, they had Batnipples.

Christian Bale:

If there is an actor who played Batman that people love as much as Michael Keaton, it's Christian Bale. Bale had a tough job; play the role of Batman and Bruce Wayne so well that people forget that the previous two Batman movies ever happened. Bale performed admirably. Christopher Nolan's vision of Batman was darker than Tim Burton's and his villains were so good there was no way the movies could fail. Bale and Nolan deserve a standing ovation for saving the Batman franchise.

So let's start with the elephant in the room; Bale's horrible three pack a day Batman voice. It was the but of jokes for years and spawned some great memes and internet videos. The voice was absolutely terrible, but honestly, that is where the buck stops with Bale as Batman being bad. Any issue with Batman isn't on Batman . The villains just outshine Bakle in the trilogy. It wasn't his fault. The negative parts of the movie were not with the actors. Any issues with Bruce Wayne can be directed towards the director and the writer. An actor can only do so much if they are doing what the director requests of them.

Whoever came up the idea to make Affleck's voice changed with a computer was a genius. It got rid of all of the problems fans had of the gruff voice and they did it in such a way that it would make sense. Another thing that Affleck did was not get outshined by anyone else in Dawn of Justice. Even when Superman and Wonder Woman were the gods on screen, Affleck still found a way to make his presence known in every scene.

At the end of the day, we are all going to have our own opinion on who the best Batman is. Some people are going to tell me how wrong I am and say that Affleck was horrible, some will say Bale rocked it better than anyone, and some people will cast their vote for Michael Keaton. While we all love the movies, we will all agree none of them will ever hold a candle to Kevin Conroy in Batman the Animated Series.


Who was your favorite Batman?


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