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Note: If you have yet to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, spoilers follow so proceed with caution. You've been warned.

The long-awaited blockbuster movie from DC and Warner Bros., Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, has officially hit theaters last week and has been met with mixed reviews so far.

I, personally, enjoyed the movie but, I can completely understand how some people may not have liked it, especially those who do not consider themselves superhero or comic book movie fans.

The reason I can understand why some viewers didn't enjoy the film was partially due to the fact that the viewer would need a rather high level of DC Universe knowledge going in. And partially because this film, more or less, served as a trailer for the upcoming Justice League films.

The film dropped numerous Easter eggs and hints at the upcoming Justice League movies as well as the future of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in general.

If you've seen the movie (or any of the trailers, really) you know that this movie introduces Batman and Wonder Woman to the DCEU, to join Superman, and shows how they all come to meet and, eventually, team up to fight Doomsday.

But before the whole Doomsday fight takes place, when we are first introduced to Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Bruce Wayne is at a party hosted by Lex Luthor to try and steal a file off of Luthor's system. He manages to hook up a device to retrieve the file to the system and, after getting one of Luthor's assistants off his trail, when he goes back to get the device, it's gone and the person who took it is Diana Prince.

We later find out that the reason that Diana wanted the file is because it had information about her and who she really is (Wonder Woman) in it. This file also happened to have information on a few other "meta-humans" inside of it as well. The meta-humans inside of the file just so happened to be a few members of the Justice League. In the files, we see a picture of Wonder Woman and videos of Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash.

In the video of Aquaman, we get our first on-screen glimpse of what Jason Mamoa will look like as the King of the Sea, as it shows an underwater drone checking out, what looks like, a ship wreck and, from a crack in the ship, emerges Aquaman, who then takes out the drone with his trident and then swims off at super speed.

In Cyborgs' video, we see his father Silas Stone in a lab with the upper torso of his son Victor Stone on the wall behind him. In one clip, Dr. Stone is clearly upset and seems as though he can't help his son. In another clip, it shows Dr. Stone has a strange, moving box (a Mother Box, I'll talk about this more later) with him which then attaches itself to Victor and forms a body over him and well, you can put it together.

In The Flash's video, we see Barry Allen standing in a convenience store when someone comes in to try and rob the store. Barry then bolts over and takes out the robber and goes back over to where he was in the blink of an eye.

The Flash also has another appearance in the film, and that is in Bruce Wayne's dream he has earlier in the film while waiting for the files stated above decrypt. In this dream, Bruce (as Batman) is in a post-apocalyptic landscape, presumably Gotham or Metropolis, with a massive Omega symbol (I'll talk about this more later, too) engraved into the ground in front of him.

The dream then saw Batman taking on parademons (the things flying around and also, more on them later) and then eventually being captured. After being captured he is tied up with soldiers, who have the Superman logo stitched on their shoulders, standing around him and then Superman comes down, unmasks Batman and then kills him.

Bruce then wakes up, only to look over and see The Flash halfway through a portal through time or something along those lines. The Flash then tells Bruce a rather cryptic message, where he tells Bruce that "Lois Lane is the key" and then says that he is too soon and that Bruce was "right about him" and to "fear him" and that he has to "find us".

The "him" that The Flash is talking about is most likely Superman and saying that Lois Lane is the "key" is possibly meaning that Lois is the key for Superman to stay on their side and not turn evil. And the "us" he is referring to is presumably the rest of the Justice League.

Now onto a scene at the end of the movie. After Doomsday is stopped and Lex Luthor is arrested, Batman visits Lex Luthor in his prison cell. In this visit, Lex starts telling Batman that a "bell has been rung" and that "He is hungry. He's coming. He's found us."

Now onto what all this means. The Mother Box, the Omega symbol, the parademons and Lex's speech at the end, they all point to one character, and that one character will most likely be main villain for the Justice League. And that character is, none other than, Darkseid, who's symbol is the Omega symbol.

The Mother Box that is shown in the video clip of Cyborg, is most likely one of a few that are on Earth. Mother Box's were invented on the planet Apokolips, the planet that Darkseid is the ruler of. They have the power to summon Boom Tubes, which are a way of teleportation. These Mother Box's can be used to teleport Darkseid's army from Apokolips to Earth. Speaking of Darkseid's army, that's exactly what the parademons are.

All of these Easter eggs look to be foreshadowing the coming of Darkseid. And Lex Luthor's speech in his prison cell seem to confirm that he is, indeed, coming to Earth to try and conquer it. Lex likely learned of Darkseid while he was on the Kryptonian ship earlier in the movie.

With all of the hints toward Darkseid, along with showing the Justice League and Bruce telling Diana at the end that they need to find the others all set up the upcoming Justice League movies and the future of the DCEU very nicely.


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