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The moment many fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for is finally here, the arrival of new big bad, Negan. Without giving too much away for anyone who hasn't read the comics, Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a merciless leader who takes whatever he wants, makes his own rules, and has an army of brainwashed followers who do a lot of his dirty work. His signature weapon is a wooden bat wrapped in barbed wire which he named Lucille. Unfortunately, Negan introduces Glenn to Lucille in his comic book debut which has been hinted at many times on the show. There has been much speculation who will meet their demise when Negan finally makes his long awaited introduction on the small screen. Here are my predictions on the survival chances for each character:

1. Daryl

Survival Rate: High

After being shot by Dwight in the most recent episode, there is no way he will be victim to Lucille in the finale. If anything, getting shot only solidified his chance of survival. He was clearly shot in the shoulder and although they want fans to worry about fan favorite Daryl, I can almost assure you that he will be fine. I can't see them injuring Daryl in the final minutes only to kill him off by a different character in the next episode. The fact that Daryl isn't in the comics also leaves his storyline wide open for future character development. No need for rioting just yet!

2. Rick

Survival Rate: Moderate

I seriously can't fathom the thought of Rick being killed off of a show that has always seemed to center around his leadership. The death would certainly cause a shift in the show's tone and it would certainly shake up the show's dynamics. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) has said filming the finale made him physically ill so I am assuming he means he witnessed a fellow character in a disturbing situation. As Andrew Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly in February:

"I felt sick to my stomach when I read the scrip. It was the first day in the whole six years of working on 'The Walking Dead' that I was late for work because I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was so angry and frustrated and I felt sick. And that was just after reading it."

3. Carol

Survival Rate: Low

Carol's internal struggle with what it means to survive in their world has been very interesting the second half of the season. What seemed like an act to fool people into thinking she was just a harmless homemaker now seems to have turned into something far more serious. The fact that she left the group, many of which consider her family, could possibly indicate she is fed up with living in their world. I obviously do not think we have seen the last of her with the group but i wouldn't be surprised if Carol's time on the show is almost up. If she does fall victim to Negan in the finale, I could see it being a sacrifice or a situation where she puts her life on the line to save someone else in the group.

4. Glenn

Survival Rate: Moderate

By now most fans know that Negan kills Glenn in the comics and the show has even hinted at the event well before the threat of Negan even came to light. When Negan's first appearance was rumored for the end of the season, many viewers believed it would follow the comics with Glenn being killed off. Then came Glenn's much discussed dumpster crawl. By teasing Glenn's death and dragging the out his fate for so long, I can't see the writers following the the same plot as the comics. Plus, Glenn and Maggie need to live forever because they prove love can survive a zombie apocalypse.

5. Maggie

Survival Rate: High

Earlier in the season, I would have said I was worried about Maggie's survival chances. Lauren Cohan has also been outspoken about the brutal finale and the fact that she has been doing a bunch of other projects made it seem that maybe her time on the show had ended. Then came Maggie's pregnancy announcement. Can you imagine if the show killed of a pregnant woman? The most recent episode showed her hunched over in an enormous amount of pain which doesn't fair well for a pregnancy. If she loses the baby, then she definitely won't be the one to go. Just as in the comics, Maggie is evolving into an important leader and I expect her role to continue to grow.

6. Carl

Survival Rate: Moderate

We haven't seen much of Carl since he lost his eye and I don't expect him to be leaving anytime soon. However, there was a scene that some may consider to be foreshadowing his fate. When Carl was alone in the armory, he picked up a gun that belonged to one of the Saviors and etched in the handle was a bat wrapped in wire. The death of Carl would undoubtedly have damaging implications to Rick which would send him into a tailspin.

7. Michonne

Survival Rate: Moderate

There hasn't been much focus on Michonne recently which might actually be a good thing. Her love fest with Rick could hint at doom considering any characters who seem to have found happiness usually get their world's turned upside down. .I would hate to see a strong female character like Michonne fall victim to Negan but I wouldn't be completely shocked.

8. Abraham

Survival Rate: Low

Abraham has seemed to find some clarity in what he wants in life as he left Rosita and is currently pursuing a relationship with Sasha. I have a bad feeling regarding his fate because of his tough demeanor and loud mouth, both could easily rub people the wrong way. There is also the fact that in the comics, Abraham gets killed by the arrow that took Denise's life in the show.

9. Rosita

Survival Rate: High

Rosita is another character that is tactically important but not detrimental to the story. She seems to be also on a journey of soul searching that will continue on to next season. Her death at this point in time would not make sense in terms of Negan's much anticipated debut.

10. Eugene

Survival Rate: Low

Our favorite man with the mullet has been very impressive as of late. Eugene had finally learned what it takes to survive and protect himself, even putting his safety on the line to take out part of a heard of walkers. He might not be up to the level as some of his counterparts, it is progress. With that said, his new found confidence could land him a meet and greet with Lucille.

11. Sasha

Survival Rate: High

Much like Rosita's situation, I don't think Sasha is in much danger. Her struggle after Bob's and Tyrese's death kept her closed off from her group. Sasha seems to be getting more comfortable with her place in the group and I don't expect her to be a concern for Negan.

12. Morgan

Survival Rate: Low

I truly wish Morgan was a more likable character. I was so excited when he came back on the show but then it just went downhill from there. He never seemed to connect with the rest of the group and his tactics are cause for concern. Although Morgan might make a few valid points here and there, I think his jaded mindset could get him killed.

I left a few characters off of the list that I think won't be involved in the showdown between Negan and Rick's group. For a show I love so much, it is crazy how much I am dreading watching the upcoming finale. Losing a fan favorite will be extremely tough, but consider something even worse. What if viewers don't find out who gets killed off until next season meaning we would have to wait seven months! According to Vanity Fair and a major hint from Lauren Cohan, we could be left with a huge season-ending cliff-hanger. The speculation would make us all go mad! Are you ready for Sunday because my anxiety is already through the roof....

The 90-minute sixth season finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC!

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Which character do you think will be Negan's first victim?


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