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Till date about 30 superhero movies and TV shows have come out, Marvel and DC. For people who know the comics know that DC has always been darker than its counterpart. Critics have rated this movie as a bad experience because they are so "used" to the idea of Marvel movies being light with a hint of humor.

But DC is not made that way. Batman was not created on basis of light humor. Batman is supposed to be dark. He is supposed to be the greatest detective, have the coolest gadgets and fight crime at NIGHT. The introduction to Ben Affleck's Batman was one of the best introductions. Affleck has been portrayed a much older, much troubled Batman who has been cleaning the streets for 20 years now. You cannot expect him to be sarcastic like Iron Man or have the sense of humor of Tony Stark. He has lost his prodigy to "freaks dressed like clowns" and now has a planet to save. Zack Snyder has given us a superhero that is not only the perfect Bruce Wayne but also a quintessential Batman.

Man of Steel did not get the reception it expected. With Metropolis in Wreck and Superman breaking General Zod's neck, it was a movie critically analyzed and rightfully criticized. But Supes did not let that bring him down. Henry Cavill's Superman is the Superman we did not know we needed. The aura that Cavill creates with his character is unmatched. Superman is not an average being going through his daily life with his girlfriend and his jobs. Clark J. Kent, Reporter/Savior. He is being blamed for the attacks on Metropolis 2 years back, he has lost his home planet and is being branded "False God". He is not going to be your friendly neighborhood superhero with a catchphrase.

Lex Luthor. 3 syllable word for a batcrap crazy and an evil genius. Jesse Eisenberg could not have done a better job. This character reeks of pure evil. He wants to be the only person in control. He wants batman out of the way so desperately that he manipulates Superman into doing the dirty work. Lex is obsessed with Superman. I would rather reframe that. Lex is obsessed with destroying Superman. He has great, long, villainous hair which lends him a kinda laid-back vibe. It’s hair that says, “I will destroy you, but for emotionally complex reasons.” I wouldn't want to spoil any part of the movie but after watching the movie you realize that Jesse Eisenberg is almost as good Ledger's Joker. He wants chaos, he wants power but in the end he just wants to watch the world burn.

Wonder Woman completes our holy trinity. No, She literally completes Batman and Superman. Gal Gadot received heavy criticism when it was announced she'll be Wonder Woman. She proved the critics wrong. An exceptional performance, even if it was for a total screen time of only seven minutes. She steal the show with her majestic appearance and her badass fight with Doomsday.

This movie has been criticized for not being "child-friendly" since it's a comic book adaptation. Well, for those who do read comics and follow the DC universe know for a fact that those comics are not for children. Zack Snyder has flaws with this movie, no doubt, but overall he has delivered a masterpiece. With the introduction of arguably the best Batman till date (Sorry Nolan) to the evilest Luthor. A befitting Superman and Amy Adams who basically was born to play Lois Lane. The "seven- minute" cameo by Wonder woman was really interesting since it was amazing how Snyder fit everything so flawlessly. Jeremy Irons as the ever present Alfred Pennyworth was nothing like Michael Caine's version of the character. He was sarcastic, more experienced with technology and had been with Bruce for a longer time. But he definitely did justice to the loyal butler's character. Several other cameos made me jump in my seat and the end to the movie was just right. Sorry critics but this movie is one of the greatest superhero movies of its time.

As Martha Kent clearly says in the movie, "People don't like what they don't understand." Thank you Zack Snyder for giving us the movie we didn't need but the one we deserved.


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