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Tonight was the highly anticipated crossover between the CW's The Flash and CBS's Supergirl. So how was it? We'll get into it in a minute. I'd like to first mention that this marks my first, and most likely only, Supergirl review; considering I just don't like the show very much. I ditched it after the first 4 episodes. I do however love The Flash so I really wanted to see how they were going to pull this one off. Let's get into it.

The Flash was a great addition to this episode. He was the standout in an episode that would have been mediocre otherwise. His entrance was excellent as he burst through a dimensional portal, and rescued an unconscious Kara as she plummeted from a window, and ran her well outside the city.

He had been working on his speed and didn't quite realize how fast he was going. He hit it off with Supergirl almost immediately, and their chemistry was on point. He had some great lines in this episode, too. He fits very well in this world and if he popped up more often I may watch Supergirl more.

"You're who now?"
"You're who now?"

Cheesy Villain And Cheesier Dialog

So now let's explore a few other things. The villains in the episode were... alright. Serviceable for the most part, but Silver Banshee and Livewire were comically cheesy, and to be honest, I found myself rolling my eyes at them more than thinking they had a snowball's chance in hell at beating the Flash/Supergirl duo.

Can we talk about some of those lines? Jesus Christ.

  • "Like an evil Taylor Swift squad?"
  • "Not in that outfit, you're going to need a makeover"

Fucking seriously? Taylor Swift references? it's shit like that that turned me off to Supergirl in the first place. It never strikes the balance that The Flash does between fun and emotional drama. Sadly Supergirl often drifts into the territory of sitcom or romcom.

Kara is an alien with unstoppable and limitless power, this needs to come with weight and responsibility. The whole appeal of her more famous cousin Superman is that his stories constantly ask the question, 'is this power too much for one man to bear?' Can one ever truly remain good when gifted with unlimited power?

Supergirl fails to examine these issues. Instead we see Kara as an underling to a nasty boss who spends most of her time deciding how she's going to woo James Olsen.

So overall the episode was fun but not good enough to pull Supergirl out from under it's own problems. The appearance of The Flash certainly helped to make this episode more enjoyable. Grant Gustin is charming enough to hold up the episode and he had a lot of great lines, and call backs to his own past. Plus. I hear that in Tuesday's episode we're going to get an explanation on how Barry got to Kara's world, and why he has a tachyon generator attached to his chest.

Barry served as a source of wisdom for the still struggling Kara, and taught her a few valuable lessons in this episode. Things like taking it slow and the value of a plan, so hopefully we can get some more Flash in future episodes, and maybe even a Supergirl trip to Barry and Oliver's universe.

I'll be jumping back into the reviews on Flash tomorrow night after taking a few episodes off, so I'll see you guys then.


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