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So after watching Batman vs Superman I could tell a lot of people were confused on what exactly the Flash scene means. I am here to help explain what happened and what it means to the upcoming DCEU.

So the entire scene starts out with Bruce Wayne falling asleep while waiting for the encrypted files that he stole from Lex Luthor. Now Bruce Wayne did not fall asleep but rather fell into the Flash's vision of the future that the Flash is currently in.

Now for the vision itself. The vision starts out with Batman overlooking an omega symbol burned into the ground in the outside of either Gotham or Metropolis. All around Batman seems to be in an apocalyptic wasteland of sorts. Batman along with some mercenaries look to be completing a deal that will deliver Batman the Kryptonite he would need to kill Superman. The deal however was corrupted and sabotaged. Batman notices the box with the should

be Kryptonite actually to be just a box with two green light bulbs in it. At this moment, minions dressed with the Superman logo on their arm ambush Batman and the the rest of his group while parademons are flying everywhere picking up all remains dead or alive. Batman eventually gets overwhelmed with too many minions when he is held down and a parademon knocks him out. He wakes up in the hole we see him tied up in from the trailer. Superman arrives and starts marching toward Batman and his mercenaries that are tied up next to him on both sides. As Superman walks down toward Batman, the minions bow to Superman. When he gets a few steps away, Superman uses his way vision to kill the mercenaries aiding Batman. Superman then rips off the cowl and tells Batman that he killed the woman Superman loved, and punches a hole through Batmans chest. Everyone thinks Superman is talking about Lois Lane when in fact he is talking about Martha. Even Lex Luthor comments on the only one true person Superman loves is his mother. This leads us right into our first look at the Flash telling Bruce to listen to Lois Lane and she is the key, and Batman has been right all along about "him". The Flash is sending Batman the vision thru his speed canon, which links 2 different timelines or 2 different times of a single timeline together, which has been a popular super power of the Flash.

Now why would the Flash send the vision to Batman? Well remember later in the movie how Lex has Martha, and unless Superman takes Batmans head off he will kill her? Well as you know Superman goes to Gotham to figure out a plan with Batman but the Dark Knight is not having any talking at this time, only fighting. So because Superman isn't going full strength and Batman has his tactical advantages and prep time, Batman finds himself standing over Superman with a spear of Kryptonite ready to try to end Superman once and for all.

This is where the Flash's words that he told Bruce and the words Superman said before punching a hole thru Batmans chest come heavily into play to connect the dots. In the Flash's current timeline, Batman must have never listened to Lois Lane or Superman when they explained Lex holding Martha hostage or he never got to that point it doesn't really matter, all that matters is Batman not listening to Superman and allowing Martha to die at the hands of Lex Luthor was Supermans last straw with humanity. After saving the Earth time and time again and the world not showing appreciation, then to have his mother killed because of humanity not believing in his cause or him, I think this pushes his limits on him being a hero. At this moment I think Darkseid arrives and offers Superman a leadership role in taking over the world and Superman accepts this offer to rule over the humans instead of protect them. I think the Flash learns of these events and realizes if Batman listens to Lois Lane that night and protects Supermans mom, hence why Superman tells Batman he killed the woman he loves before hole punching his chest, that Superman will always have this night of hope to stay in thelight, and stay good. The Flash realizes how much damage and how strong Superman really is, which is as strong as Batman fears, and he knows that he needs Superman on his side for when the war comes. I think Lois Lane is the key because she helps not only Superman but also Batman realize the good in humanity that is still out there, and this pushes them to

be better heroes, and I think this will lead to them changing the future that the Flash is currently in.

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