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There is no denying that Batman vs. Superman was entertaining, with some even saying it is the greatest superhero film of all time. Ben Affleck even seemed sad to hear the news that critics completely destroyed this film. (We love you sadfleck). Fans are announcing that critics are wrong. These are the reasons critics hated Batman vs. Superman. Spoilers*

The Fight

So this is a point in which fans actually kind of agree with the critics. The title of this film obviously states "Batman vs. Superman". The reason this title angered the critics and even some fans was because of the fact that Batman and Superman barely even fought. The whole film leads up to the fight and after about five minutes the heroes decide that they should join together...which made the advertisements feel awkward. Critics state that Batman's motivation to kill Superman felt like it came out of nowhere and eventually had no real effect on anything in the long run. The fight scene was also hard to watch because during the whole sequence there was flashes of lightning that hurt the viewers eyes. (Even though it's straight from the comic).


This is where the critics and fans were at each other's throats. Critics hated the amount of characters that were in this film. They didn't necessarily hate the characters, but the reason they were in the film. Critics state that the appearance of Wonder Woman was forced and so was Doomsday near the end. The film suffered from to many villains such as Doomsday, Lex Luthor and teases for the Joker. Some characters such as the news team and Lois Lane felt unneeded as well.

Movie Set-Up's

Fans were excited to see the actual faces of the new Justice League and were even more excited for the teasers of the upcoming Suicide Squad. They even set up solo films. Critics didn't like this at all. Critics say that the set-ups for upcoming movies felt like it dimmed down the extent of story for Batman vs. Superman. They say that the teasers took the viewer out of the story and into another one ruining the final experience.

The overall story

This was the biggest issue to the critics. They hated how many sup plots would show up in the film and than be missing in the next scene. They felt that all the mini stories had little effect to the main point making this epic very boring. Critics also hated how the story felt really slow than would randomly speed things up, for example where Doomsday shows up for the final fight. Fans loved every second while critics sat with their heads shaking.

What do you think?


Were the critics right?

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