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The braaaiinnnsss behind The Walking Dead are, as Negan would say, some pretty twisted f#. Throughout the years, they've toyed with our emotions and made us recoil in terror many times, and did it using something that nobody likes to see; children getting hurt.

From kicking off the show itself by having Rick put poor little Summer down:

To Sophia in season 2:

To season 5, with Beth:

don't hold back, Beth!
don't hold back, Beth!

And Mika & Lizzie:

To Sam & Ron in season 6:

Kids on The Walking Dead just haven't stood much of a chance. How Judith has survived this long on the show, seeing how she *SPOILER ALERT* never made it past the prison in the comics, is beyond me.

So what about Maggie and Glenn's unborn child? With all the trauma Maggie just went through, getting kicked in the stomach by Michelle. She can't be doing too good right now. It would be a miracle if she made it out of that kill floor brawl without having a miscarriage. And with her doubling over in pain in 'East' on Sunday night-

How would the producers up the ante on the ick factor next Sunday night?

Well, if a baby dies in the womb in the zombie apocalypse, what might happen?

from Dawn of the Dead
from Dawn of the Dead
aaaaaaaaand pandemic...bleah
aaaaaaaaand pandemic...bleah

It's disgusting to think about, I know. But is it too farfetched to believe that TWD would stretch the boundaries, especially after this?

I'm thinking they're very capable of crossing that line even further!


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