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Mom, they're doing it again!

Once again, this week's The Walking Dead episode was filled with some subtle, some not so subtle, shout outs to The Bible.

A while back, I mentioned a few bible verses that have been sprinkled in throughout the seasons. They're mostly undead or zombie-ish themed. But this week's episode, or the start of it anyway, was pretty full of bible stuff.

In Richonne's spooning scene-

Eve a.k.a. Michonne is eating an apple, and what is this? She give it to Adam a.k.a. Rick? Don't eat it, man! Adam could have lived forever, but he took the apple from Eve, and well, HE DIED. A long time later, but still, HE DIED.

And then around the time they're eating the apple, Michonne says “Jesus came through.” That's one of those not-so-subtle ones.

Carol's rosary was prevalent as ever in 'East'-

But back at the beginning, with the canoodling, we see some books on Rick & Michonne's nightstands, The Indwelling by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, and Assassins:

They're part of a series of books about the end days, where a group of people (uh oh) who survived this huge end times event (oh dear) that wiped out a huge chunk of the population (oh wow), and have to fight this evil mofo that wants to rule them all (oh shit!).

Sound a bit familiar?

And let's not ignore that clock! Michonne is near a clock....does that mean she's going to meet Lucille? We'll find out in a few days! Or a few months, if that nasty cliffhanger rumor is true!


Are you getting tired of the biblical references in The Walking Dead?


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