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Batman v Superman is a flawed movie. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, I did. I'm also saying I'm extremely biased and a massive DC fan so commenters you're going to have to get creative with your insults. But as every critic in the world is currently saying this movie had its problems.

Most Critics are arguing that it was to long, that it tried to set up to many other movies without focusing on itself, that it took itself to seriously and that the Zack Snyder's interpretation of these characters is just flat out wrong.

These points all have there merits but I believe they all miss the main problem. There heroes aren't relatable.

An argument that superman fans have heard too many times before and are definitely sick of by now is that he is an alien with unlimited power and as a result of that it is hard to relate to.

An argument that batman fans haven't heard enough is that he is also hard to relate to. Most people never witnessed their parents murder. You can understand his motives but you can't project your personality onto him.

it's the same with nearly ever other character in this movie and definitely every character with a lot of screen time.

Lex is trying to prove that if god exists and the world isn't perfect then god either isn't all powerful or all good. It's an interesting idea but I've never tried to prove it.


Wonder woman is trying to erase proof of her existence so she can leave man kind. Understandable but I've never done it and probably never will.

Lois Lane is travelling across the world and talking to a terrorist for her job. Again understandable but I've never tried it and again probably never will.

That's the thing with this movie. No-one is acting out of character but no ones character acts like an audience member would in those situations.

This is something successful movies do well.

In those movies about harry potter whose name I've suddenly forgotten (don't worry it'll come to me) harry is a stand in for the audience. He is someone whose whole personality is that he likes the wizarding world. That's a personality trait he share with anyone who is a fan of these movies.

It's the same thing with star wars. Lukes whole character is just someone who wants to destroy the empire. Every star wars fan by definition wants to destroy the empire and they subconsciously project themselves onto Luke. Then when the person they've projected themselves onto blows up the death star they feel happy for them and in a way them selves for picking the right character even though the movie makes it obvious who to support.

The dark knight movies have commissioner gorden, alfred and lucius fox all with major roles and all fairly ordinary people. The dark knight also has an oscar. Take these characters screen time away and you get what is arguably the worst film in the series the dark knight rises.

This is something marvel movies get right all the time. From spiderman to ironman to captain america to even star lord nearly all of their main were once normal-ish people. The avengers are men pretending to be gods and the justice league are gods pretending to be men.

If you remove DC supporting casts which you have to do to fit the major heroes in one story then you suddenly alienate the audience. You still can enjoy and care about these heroes but your mind won't subconsciously do it for you.

Batman v Superman falls into this trap and apart from alfred doesn't have anyone you can truly relate to.

In other words every single picture of a woman can be placed on a spectrum in-between the mona lisa and the picture on girls toilets. The mona lisa is considered a piece of art worthy of a museum but the picture on the girls toilets says to every single girl that passes by that I could be you.

If every character is a mona lisa then there is nothing special about the mona lisa and everyone ends up alienated, good movies not just good superhero movies nearly always have at least one main character that starts off as normal as a person in the audience.

But as a DC fan I'm okay with Zack Snyder making a piece of art that bores critics the same way kids in the 5th grade get bored on an excursion to the local museum.


is Batman v Superman an unappreciated piece of art


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