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This list will be solely on if Zack Snyder directed the film and how they were perceived by the general public. Zack Snyder has been the king of slow motion/special effect action and fans are excited to see what he will do with the DC universe. He loves him some Frank Miller and so do we. Let's begin the countdown!

7. Sucker Punch

This film was an original idea brought up by Zack Snyder and could've been a great story to view. Unfortunately this film was negatively viewed by critics and fans and ultimately was a let down for Snyder's legacy. Very little story arch and loss of character development had this film only holding on to it's stunning special effects.

6. Legend of the Guardians

This beautifully animated film was exciting to watch and had fans overall fond of the story. The main issue of this film was there always seemed like there was something missing, this causing the film to do rather negatively. The story about two brothers that are kidnapped and made into soldiers sounds interesting enough to any fan and that didn't stop them from making this critically negative film into a financial success.

5. Man of Steel

You might be wondering why this is so low on the list but it isn't low because it was a bad film, it was low because Zack Snyder has some way better than this. Man of Steel is about an alien boy that discovers his powers and becomes Superman. This film was not loved by critics because of the overall story and reasoning behind battles. This didn't affect fans of Superman as it is still loved everywhere even now.

4. Batman vs. Superman

Zack Snyder hit a gold mine with Man of Steel and will now become the face of what seems like a promising future with DC. This is considered to many fans as the best superhero of all time and to critics, one of the worst of the year. This film is about Batman trying to destroy Superman just in case Superman decides to go rogue. The fact that two of comics greatest heroes are in the same movie is enough to make any fan cry.

3. Watchmen

This film is praised for being so faithful to the source material and doing it true justice. This superhero film is about an alternate version of life in which a band of retired superheroes come together to destroy a villain that is trying to murder all the superheroes. Amazing story and wonderful characters makes the true fan to cheer.

2. 300

This classic is about a group of 300 Spartans that take on a whole army of Persians. This is one of the most quoted films of all time making this a must see classic. Bloody and downright entertaining, this action flick will go down as the movie that gave film goers the confirmation that Zack Snyder is truly an entertaining director.

1. Dawn of the Dead

This remake of the original classic horror flick was surprisingly amazing. Sticking faithful to the original while adding it's own twists; Dawn of the Dead will be a remake classic for years to come. Oh's about the dead coming to life and attacking people. What did you expect. Extremely bloody, frightening and even funny at parts. This has been Zack Snyder's greatest (and first) major film yet.

Was the order wrong? How should it have been ranked?

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