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I love being a nerd. I love it so, SO, SO much! I love going to a movie and seeing a fictional character I love come to life on the big screen. I also LOVE writing about the things that I LOVE, which is why the internet is so great! I can hop on Facebook or and share my loves with the world. Even greater than that, the world shares it's loves with me! That is truly amazing. I truly LOVE to hear the thoughts of each and every one of you. It's a social experience as invigorating as standing in the middle of times square. Lately, I've seen tons of cool posts about Dawn of Justice, which makes sense considering it's the movie to see right now.

As nerds, the world hasn't always understood us. The world hasn't always understood me, that's for sure. Other people don't always understand the choices we make and movie we're obsessed with like Star Trek, or Jurassic Park, or even Dawn of Justice. But do you know who understands us nerds? Each other. I don't find it weird to hear that a 30 year old man is buying a LEGO set, or that someone went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens 20 times. Why? Because I LOVE LEGOs and I LOVE Star Wars! We're all the same in this wonderful way! As humans, we love to find people who enjoy the same things we do. We love to be the same and to feel a part of something!

However, humans also differ. We're unique, spontaneous creatures. Part of what makes life great is being ourselves! We all have likes and dislikes and that's what makes the human tapestry so amazing! We're like snow flakes, no two of us are alike. We can choose whether we like or dislike just about anything, including movies. I've seen some cool debates over Dawn of Justice, and I've seen some fights over it as well. Being different is great... until it isn't. As humans, we have the capacity to build each other up, and we can also do the opposite.

The Issue At Hand

Lately, a group of critics said some very negative things about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which some of my fellow nerds had been waiting to see for years. They expressed their opinions in a way that didn't go over well with certain fans.

In my opinion, what they did was wrong. It's not wrong AT ALL to express your opinion! But to express your opinion in a way that hurts another human being and disrespects their feelings and opinions, and to do so without remorse, is unconscionable! For instance:

The Toronto Star
The Toronto Star


These snide comments trash Dawn of Justice with absolutely no respect for others opinions or feelings on the film.

The Evidence

By now I'm sure you've figured out what movie I'm talking about. Yes, I'm referring to the highly anticipated Dawn of Justice. The critics have ripped into this movie so much that their collective negativity became newsworthy, being mentioned on major news outlets. Here are some snippets even I found a little hurtful, because of the tone of disrespect and malice:

Specifically said twice in The Guardian's review.
Specifically said twice in The Guardian's review.
Taken from Rotten Tomatoes which gave the film 29%
Taken from Rotten Tomatoes which gave the film 29%

In this one, the NY Times writer took a swing at all of us franchise movie fans in general:

From a very wordy review in the New York Times
From a very wordy review in the New York Times

These scathing reviews lead to hurt feelings and heated debates all over the internet. I have no doubt that these "critics" wanted our views and they wanted us fighting in their comments sections and on our Facebook pages. Here's an example of the effect this has had on the fans from Facebook:

From a public FB post. Names and Pictures redacted
From a public FB post. Names and Pictures redacted

So what did they really do wrong?

1: These reviews are deceptively veiled "click bait". Through their greed, they manipulated their audiences, and caused all of us to fill their pockets with our debates and fighting. They used us!

But, whatever these "critics" said, that isn't the point of this article. No-one really knows how these people actually feel about the movie. Their corruption removes their credibility. Really, THAT is the point of this article: How does a person feel about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? How do YOU feel about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?

If you loved the movie, that's fine! If you didn't, that's fine too! We're human beings, that's our prerogative! We have the right to form whatever opinion we want. That is YOUR basic human right as well as it is mine!

2: What if these critics wrote their true opinions? Is there anything wrong with that? Of course not! But they did so in a way that showed no respect for people of differing schools of thought.

Debate is what creates diversity. Our being different is what makes life interesting! But does my opinion make me better than you? No! These critic write as if they're the authority on quality. In my opinion, we aren't reading their articles to know their thoughts on the state of the film industry. I couldn't care less whether they think Superhero films are as good as Indies. I'm reading their articles in order to make a decision of whether to spend 12$ on a ticket or not. I'm not going to them to be told I'm a sheep who's being coerced by big businesses into spending my money. I just want to know how they genuinely feel about the movie. Did they like it?

The Other Side Of The Coin

Now, I do have to say that the fan backlash towards this issue may have been a little much. The fact is, movies in this and similar genres have been badly reviewed for years. I don't entirely understand why BvS is the first movie that has really encouraged fan backlash. Critics have been condescending to us for quite a while. I don't know what it is about this film that has brought this issue to light, but never-the-less, it has.

As human beings, these critics have the right to form whatever opinion they please. Neither I nor you have any right to tell them their opinions are false. If they so choose, they can call this movie the worst they've seen. That's entirely up to them.

But do they have the right to judge me or you for forming a different opinion? Do they get to bash me simply because I like something they don't?

A Time For Change

Film reviews are no new concept. Since the days of Desi and Lucy, there have been critics telling the masses what to do. It has become a tradition. However, haven't we outgrown the need to be told who we are and what it is that we are expected to do? Hasn't our society flourished with free thinking and ample open opportunities to make informed decisions of our own? The world, I'm sure you will agree, has changed dramatically over the years. We have changed and grown as a people, shouldn't our thinking and traditions do so as well? It's time for these critics to change. Websites like IGN have posted fair reviews that simply explain their opinions. They don't deem any decision you may make to be right or wrong. They simple state the facts and how they felt. You may not agree with their opinion, but you also aren't going to be offended or bullied into conforming to their thoughts. I say bravo to any sites that want me to form my own opinion.

These "critics" remind me of children. I don't agree with them so they respond by telling me I'm wrong. Well I say, it's time we tell the teacher. It's time we make a change. It's time to move past these old fashioned ways.

I wrote this article because I absolutely can not stand the fact that some snooty critics set out to cause a division in our nerd community. They want views and publicity so bad, that they are willing to stoop far too low, in my opinion. They have no right to be outright disrespectful and hurtful try to force us into agreement, and then get mentioned on the nightly news for it! They don't deserve fame for bashing a property that is loved immensely by many (including my very best friend) and saying that anyone who's opinion differs is wrong. They are public figures, and for some reason, they believe that because of their position, they are entitled to classify us as lesser because of what we find entertaining. These critics remind me of children. I don't agree with them so they respond by telling me I'm stupid.

So, how do we respond to these "critics"? Do we let them inspire us to hurt others for forming their own decisions? Please, be kind to one another! How long has Ellen been telling us this! Don't let critics turn you against your fellow nerds. Let's celebrate the fact that we can walk into a movie, or read a book, or try a sandwich, and we can like it or dislike it for whatever reason we want!

Lastly, to anyone who's gotten on the internet recently, and had their feelings hurt: I am truly sorry. I love that you love whatever it is you love! Don't feel bad about being a fan or a nerd. Be proud! Enjoy the things you cherish! Don't let someone make you feel bad for being your own person!

Instead of asking you a question like normal, I'd like to invite you to share whatever kind happy thing you can think of in the comments. I don't believe that I or anyone can change a person or the internet, but I SURELY believe that we can all brighten each other's day. :)


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