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Over the past few years I became a big fan of Arrow on CW. Then the Flash started up and because they existed in the same universe I had to watch both. The same was true with Legends of Tomorrow. And back in October, I had hoped the same would be true with Supergirl.

Unfortunately it was not. After watching three episodes, I gave up. The show was filled with these highly contradictory, cheesy feminist statements. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally cool with watching a female superhero show, even one with many feminist statements. The perfect example of a good show like that was Jessica Jones; I loved that show. But in addition to the cheesy feminist stuff, I found the dialogue of Supergirl to be extremely weak and the plot to be very lacking. None of the characters on that show felt authentic to me.

While the makers of the show try very hard to make Kara a lovable and cute character, I found her to be very self-centered. Based on what I had seen of that show, the reason why she became a her in the first place, was for her to become recognized. She wanted to be a hero for the glory and fame, not because she felt a dire need to help people.

The Flash is very different. The show is very well-done and planned out. The dialogue is generally very on point and most of the characters are very serious. Harrison Wells, Joe West, Caitlin Snow, for example, each have a very serious side to them. Then they have Cisco for comic relief. In addition, Barry Allen is very attached to his work. He wants to help people and his entire mood changes when he fails. His mother, his friend Eddie, and his other friend Ronnie were all killed by the actions of the Reverse Flash. Barry obviously carries that burden with him throughout the show. In other words, the show is layered and deep.

Supergirl, by contrast, is extremely superficial. The main character seems detached from everything that's going on. Despite the fact that she had to face off against her aunt earlier on in the season, it never really felt like it affected her emotionally.

This is why I want the Flash and Supergirl to stay separate. The Flash is a great show with a great future, while Supergirl is a cheaply done show that will likely get worse over time.

When I watched the crossover, I was hoping that the show would have improved dramatically from when I had last seen it. But unfortunately, it hadn't. The show continued with the cheesy dialogue and the characters remained very unserious.

During the crossover, Flash and Supergirl faced off against two major villains. There were also a few subplots. Kara was trying to make Jimmy Olson jealous and she was trying to bring back Supergirl's reputation. She wanted the public to know how heroic and selfless she was. Eventually this was show when she prevented Livewire's electric beams from taking out a helicopter (I have no idea where that helicopter came from). Supergirl took the electric hit, which is something that wouldn't kill her, and then the public trusted her again. There were many instances like this throughout the episode, where the plot was kept too thin. There was no depth to anything on the show.

In addition, none of the acting was believable; everything felt incredibly superficial. Even the Flash seemed a bit cheesy at times. It was terrible. Hopefully they never do anything like that again.


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