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WARNING: You're here. Which means you've seen 'Batman v Superman,' or you don't care about being spoiled. So no complaints about the spoilers that lie ahead.

Those who saw Batman v Superman this weekend were treated to a trio of cameos from the future members of the Justice League. The cameos are worked into the film's narrative by having Bruce Wayne discover a file on Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman being kept by Lex Luthor as part of his metahuman research.

While Aquaman's appearance is brief (he shoots at an underwater drone, then disappears back into the ocean), and The Flash cheekily saves a liquor-store owner who has a gun shoved in his face, it's Cyborg whose cameo does the most to set up Snyder's Justice League adventures.

'An Agonizing Birth...'

To make sense of Cyborg's cameo, let's first take a look at this newly released deleted scene from Dawn Of Justice, mysteriously titled "Communion," in which we see Lex Luthor submerged in a pool of bubbling red liquid inside the Krypton ship recovered by the government after the events in Man Of Steel.

As with virtually every other aspect of this incredible but at times frustrating movie, this scene raises more questions than it answers — like why exactly is he swimming around in what looks like the insides of the world's most enormous cherry pie, and why was the scene cut when it makes so much sense of how he wound up imprisoned?

It also establishes Lex's link to Darkseid (that's Darkseid's general Steppenwolf he's communicating with), making sense of Lex's gleeful prison-cell warning to Bruce about the imminent danger presented to humanity by "him."

One thing we do know: Those three cubes being levitated in front of the apparition of Steppenwolf are Mother Boxes. You know where else we saw the Mother Boxes in this movie? That's right: in S.T.A.R. Labs, where Silas Stone (Joe Morton) was hard at work creating a new body for his limbless son, Victor (Ray Fisher).

Silas Stone introduces Cyborg to his Mother Box
Silas Stone introduces Cyborg to his Mother Box

The DCEU seems to be borrowing most heavily from New 52 continuity, which makes sense here, given that the New 52 rewrote Stone's backstory by using a Mother Box to construct his new body and turn him into the technopathic hero Cyborg. Talking to EW about the scene, here's what Snyder had to say:

“That’s the first glimpse of the Mother Box there. It was an agonizing birth. I really wanted to show Cyborg’s birth because I feel like he plays such a strong part coming up, and I really wanted to give a sense of him. I really want [the audience] to know how far he’s come."

It's an interesting quote on numerous levels, not least of all because it implies that we've effectively been spared another origin story when it comes to The Justice League: Part One and the Cyborg solo movie expected in 2020. Snyder literally took 45 seconds to establish a backstory and used the scene to establish the powers of the Mother Box in DC Extended Universe lore.

Steppenwolf clutching his Mother Boxes
Steppenwolf clutching his Mother Boxes

As in the comics, it seems the Mother Box is a near-sentient supercomputer that attaches itself to a host, nurtures, protects and heals, hence allowing Cyborg to regenerate his body. No confirmation on where Silas Stone found the box in Dawn Of Justice, but it's fair to imagine it could give Cyborg a significant advantage when Darkseid brings the fight to the Justice League.

Justice League Part One hits on November 16, 2017.

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