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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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It's been a whole decade since the final season of Malcolm In The Middle was aired on Fox and in honor of this we caught up with all of the main cast to find out where they are now, and what they've been up to — but what about the show's supporting stars? Well, one in particular has made themselves known to the Internet in the last week: Malcolm's adorable wheelchair-bound, asthma-afflicted bestie, Stevie.

Craig Lamar Traylor, the actor who played Stevie, was just 11 years old when the show premiered back in 2000 and he stayed on as a recurring character throughout all seven seasons. You may just remember him as Malcolm's nerdy best friend, but it seems Traylor has undergone an epic transformation. Prepare yourself, because when you see his now 27-year-old self, you'll hardly believe it's him...

Yep, old Stevie has gone all hipster on us: beard, beanie and everything. According to his Twitter profile, Traylor is now a "wire artist, actor and spiritualist," the wire art referring to his custom jewelry designs. The multi-talented Californian has also dabbled in writing and tattoo artistry since MITM ended, a couple of which you can see in the snaps below.

After graduating high school, Traylor went on to appear in a few independent films, but overall has been pretty quiet as far as acting is concerned. According to The Mirror, he's been cast in upcoming movies, Forgiven This Gun4hire and The Pick Up.

While there's no denying he looks like a totally different person, at least one thing has stayed the same: his love of knitwear.

You can find more hippy photos on Craig's Facebook page, or remember his Malcolm days by watching the intro clip below.

Would you have recognized Stevie if you saw him on the street?

Source: The Mirror


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