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Jamie Oliver got a Hello from the Other Side last week during Adele's show at London's O2 Arena following comments he made regarding Britain's breastfeeding "problem." That "Other Side" being a mother who struggled with breastfeeding and the "Hello" was rather a big fat "go fuck yourself."

via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

In an interview with LBC Radio, the British Chef and lover of kitsch kids' names Oliver revealed his next mission is to tackle the issue of breastfeeding in the UK.

“We have got a problem with it. And if you think about it, breastfeeding is the beginning of the story - before school dinners, before sugar. It’s something that’s very natural to us - it’s easy, it’s more convenient, it’s more nutritious, it’s better, it’s free.”

As you can imagine, female listeners of the show weren't exactly pleased to have breastfeeding mansplained to them and Oliver's referring to it as "easy" was irking to say the least — understandable really, seeing as the comments come from someone who has never and will never breastfeed.

via the sun
via the sun

Although Oliver has now kind of backtracked on his divisive statement, it has come a little too late, especially where Adele is concerned. Addressing London's O2 Arena in her typical banter-filled manner, the 27-year-old mother told Jamie, essentially, where he can stick it:

“The pressure on us, it’s fucking ridiculous, and all these people who put pressure on us, you can go fuck yourselves. It’s a bit hard, some of us can’t do it. I managed about nine weeks with my boobs…all I wanted to do was breastfeed my kid and then I felt like, if I was in the jungle now back in the day, my kid would be dead because my milk’s gone. Imagine how that makes me feel. It’s not funny.”

Watch her tear him a new one in the clip below:

Although Adele is typically secretive when it comes to discussing her private life with boyfriend Simon Konecki and their 3 1/2-year-old son, Angelo James Konecki, clearly when it comes to matters of mommy-based shade, this lady will not take it lying down.

Do you think Jamie Oliver was out of order?

Source: EW, Huffington Post


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