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The woman who embodied Xena: Warrior Princess turns 48 today! Lucy Lawless has the role of ass-kicking super heroine down to a science, from her roles in Battlestar Galactica, through to Spartacus.

Source: Battlestar Galactica
Source: Battlestar Galactica

These days she's still looking as tough as ever, playing Ruby Knowby in her recent series, Ash vs Evil Dead:

To help celebrate her birthday, let's look back at some of the reasons that made us fall for her back when she was the ultimate warrior princess: Xena.

7. She Has The Best War Cry...


6. ...And The Most Badass Moves

5. She's Not Too Proud To Ask Forgiveness In A Passionate Ballad

4. She's Sexually Liberated

3. Her Chakram Skills Defy Gravity

2. Her Relationship With Gabrielle Is Everything

1. She's The Biggest Badass In The Ancient World

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