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While Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman has been divisive to say the least, I think we're all agreed that there's one thing Dawn Of Justice definitely wasn't lacking in: abs.

Throughout the movie's 2.5-hour running time, and actually ever since Synder teased fans with the first official look at Ben Affleck as Batman back in 2014, we've gawped in awe at the Dark Knight's super-sculpted bod. Those popping veins, those guns, those abs, that chest, that cross-fit montage?! Oof.

However, it would seem that the impossibly perfect comic book hero physique you've been mooning over for the past two years didn't actually belong to Ben Affleck after all. They are, in fact, property of a Mr. Rossano Rea.

via Facebook
via Facebook
"It's my body and my muscles and it was constructed after me."

Yup. The Detroit-based gym owner, trainer, fitness model and voice actor revealed during an interview with Fox 2 that he was asked to audition as the basis for Affleck's Batman suit.

Crunches have always been an important part of my regimen. Diet will keep you shredded and those crunches will keep that area tight and your posture RIGHT!#crunches #transformation #abs

Posted by Rossano Rea on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Surprised? Rea was too and, as he wasn't given any information about the role he was called for, he almost skipped the audition entirely.

"There's fifteen guys standing in a line to take your measurements and your height and all that good nonsense and then there's more that come in and three days later, I got a call."


During the interview, Rea was then asked the question now flicking through all of your minds: Why, when considering how much muscle mass Affleck gained for the role (he reportedly spent 15 months of up to 2.5 hours a day, 6 days per week in the gym), was his body used as the suit basis rather than Affleck's?

Rea candidly responded:

"With all due respect to Ben, we're roughly the same height. He doesn't have the width, the size and deviation that I've got. I've been working out since I was 15 years old. So he's a pretty beefy guy but I've been doing it for a little bit longer and I think they thought my physique would be a little more appropriate to display."

Rea, who owns the Bodymorph gym in Ferndale, also shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes shots of their preparation, highlighting the "gloop" used to create the suit, which, as Fox 2 explains, is formed using multiple parts mixing multiple "visual cues."

via Fox 2
via Fox 2
via Fox 2
via Fox 2

Surprising, huh?

Watch the interview in its entirety below:

What would you give to have Batman's bod?

Source: Fox 2, Cosmic Book News


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