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SPOILER WARNING! Tons of spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 15 "East."

Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead will be drawing to a close with the season finale on April 3, and there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. Mainly, is Daryl going to die????????

Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and went into as much detail as he was allowed to about what's going on with his character.

"You don't know where [Dwight] shoots him, but that definitely is [Daryl's] blood right there. Dwight knows if Daryl spins around, he's not spinning around to say something; he's spinning around to attack. Dwight knows if Daryl turns around, Daryl is going to end him. But that's definitely Daryl's blood."
Source: AMC
Source: AMC

When interviewer Lesley Goldberg straight up asked if Daryl was dead, the answer was unsurprisingly cagey:

"I can't tell you that. But Dwight definitely shoots him."

So, he's definitely badly injured. But what was with Dwight telling him he'd be all right? Reedus shares the following insight for us to consider:

"You should be very worried about Daryl. At the end of the episode, there's a comment that Dwight makes ["You'll be all right"] — and we're really good about throwing you off base. That comment might not even be to Daryl. It could be to Rosita — or to anybody there. Or it could be to [someone in] some scuffle that happens directly afterward. Do you trust that guy? Anyone automatically assuming that's the obvious play is trusting words that come out of that guy's mouth, and we're really good at throwing you for a loop. So, food for thought."
Source: AMC
Source: AMC

We know that with Negan approaching, one of the group is going to get it. What does Reedus think about all the different predictions that fans come up with?

"I hear, 'Rick is going to get it!' 'Steven is going to get it!' 'Lauren is going to get it!' I hear so much of it in all different directions that they all suck! (Laughs.) There's not a good decision. But don't put it past anybody on the show to do something unexpected. There's so many people who watch this show, so someone is going to get it right. One of these theories is going to be right.

Let's just hope we're right about Daryl pulling through.

Read the full interview at The Hollywood Reporter, and catch the Season 6 finale of 'The Walking Dead' on April 3 at 10:30pm EST on AMC.


Do you think Daryl is going to make it out alive this time?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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