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Even in the universe of Preacher — where the protagonist is possessed by a demon/angel hybrid, is best friends with a vampire and goes on a quest to literally find God — there is one character who stands out as particularly memorable.

Eugene Root is a recurring character in the popular comic, and naturally fans are touching cloth at the prospect of seeing the live-action version in the TV adaptation. Well, Seth Rogen has taken to Twitter to share a picture of Root, who has the affectionate nickname, of, erm, "Arseface."

Here He Is, Innocently Sucking On A Milkshake

But Who Is Arseface?

(Source: Vertigo Comics)
(Source: Vertigo Comics)

Arseface's difficult upbringing and worship of Nirvana's beguiling yet deeply troubled late frontman, Kurt Cobain, leads to a copy-cat suicide attempt that goes wrong (or, right?), leaving him with a contorted, disfigured face that resembles a full frontal chocolate starfish.

Such was his popularity in Garth Ennis and Steven Dillon's Vertigo comic, a special release, Preacher: The Story Of You-Know-Who, focused solely on the face farting suicide surviver. Following the failed attempt to take his own life, Eugene makes the conscious effort to become a glass half full kinda guy, rather than an asshole.

Arseface and Colletti (Source: DC Comics)
Arseface and Colletti (Source: DC Comics)

In the upcoming TV show, which is produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin, the character will be played by Ian Colletti, who has previously appeared in Phoebe In Wonderland (2008) and Baby Mama (2008).

A Spiritual Quest

The supernatural dark comedy series will focus on Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), a preacher who becomes inhabited by a bizarre demon and angel hybrid called Genesis, rendering him with apparent superpowers.

Flanked by his ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga) and his vampiric alcoholic best friend Cassidy, Custer then goes on a pilgrimage to track down God, whom he deems responsible for his unwanted spiritual tenants.

The 10-episode run of 'Preacher' will debut on AMC on May 22nd.

Are you a fan of the Preacher comics? Do you think Arseface is a good representation?

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